Bucket Forks: Turn your tractor bucket into a bale spear or debris forks

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Turn your bucket into a bucket fork, a bale spear or a debris fork. It’s a quick and simple process to maximize the functionality of your tractor or bobcat bucket. These simple and highly capable implements open up a whole new world for the equipment you already own.


To make the most of your bucket, simply attache the forks to move pallets or pretty much anything around your property. There’s no need to take off your bucket, the bale spear, pallet forks and debris forks all quickly attach with the unique c-clamp design.  Simple screw the bale spear, bucket forks or debris forks on and you’re ready to go.  There are no chains or binders needed.

bucket clamp diagram

All of the forks come with a limited lifetime warranty and the exclusive c-clamp pad ensures your bucket won’t get damage while using the forks or hay spears. All of the bucket forks are powder coated, not simply painted, for the strongest finish available.


The light duty bucket forks have a 1,200 lbs lifting capacity for the pair and weigh only 86 lbs. They are 54 inches long and 3-1/4 inches wide. With a 2″ height and 40″ length, they are very versatile and great for compact and sub-compact tractors or up to 25 hp loaders. Great for moving logs, pallets, railroad ties etc.

Medium duty bucket forks have a 2,400 lbs capacity for lifting and a working length of 43″. Weighing only 126 lbs, these 58 inch, 4 inch wide forks have a fork height of only two inches. They best fit for loaders and tractors in the 35 to 55 horse power range. It’s also handy to slip a 2 x 4 in as a back stop for picking up pallets etc.

Heavy duty bucket forks can lift up to 5,000 lbs! The working length of these pallet forks is 53 inches and they weigh 190 lbs. The overall length is 72 inches with  a 4 inch width and are the best fit for loaders, skid steers and tractors up to 55 hp and more. The functionality of the forks also benefit from a 2 x 4 slipped in to use as a backstop.

How to install the clamp on bucket attachments

  1. Always check your loader to make sure it is in good working order.
  2. Unscrew handle(s) or bolt(s) to allow enough space to slide over your bucket.
  3. Slide the clamp-on attachment over the bucket to the proper location.
  4. Make sure you slide the attachment all the way back. The 1″ rod bar on the attachment should be flush with your bucket front edge.
  5. Tighten handle(s) or bolt(s) until the attachment is securely attached to your bucket.

Bucket Attachment Video

Here’s a great demonstration video on the special C-clamp that prevents damage to the bucket and how useful your bucket can become with the various attachments offered:

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