Deer Guards

flat cattle guard

flat cattle guard

At Barn World farm and ranch store, we get a lot of questions about whether a cattle guard will keep deer out. Deer eat a lot of vegetation and can be a serious problem. Deer can jump a long way so a standard cattle guard will not keep them out. Standard cattle guards come in widths of six to eight feet. To keep out deer, you will have to buy two cattle guards and install them together to create a width of twelve to sixteen feet. An exceptionally athletic deer may still be able to jump a twelve foot cattle guard but not sixteen feet. You can easily bolt the two cattle guards together for stability and create an effective ‘deer guard’. The cattle guard will need to be fenced so the deer don’t simply cross at the ends.

Barn World farm and ranch supply is happy to answer all you cattle guard questions. We carry cattle guards in a wide variety of sizes, widths and types depending on your project. Call us or send an email and we will help you choose the right cattle guard for your application.

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