Pig Feeders for Maximizing Profits

There are several types of pig feeders designed to provide pigs with access to food in a controlled and efficient manner. The choice of feeder depends on factors such as the number of pigs, their age, the available space, and the specific management goals. These are all important considerations but maybe the most important is to eliminate feed waste while raising piglets to market weight. Profits are always at the forefront of any feeder investment and we can help you select a money-saving feeder today!

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Pig Feeders for raising Swine

Osborne Pig Feeders

Osborne is an industry leader in feed management and their quality products have provided an innovative approach to pig feeding at a time when farmers were solely reliant on traditional gravity-flow feeders. They were one of the first to introduce the on-demand mechanical-flow delivery system.

This groundbreaking concept led to increased profitability on livestock farms through savings in both feed and labor.

The mechanical-flow feed delivery system incorporated in the Big Wheel Hog Feeder Line operates differently than the conventional gravity-flow feeders. In this system, it is the pigs themselves, not gravity, that control the feeder, dispensing only the necessary amount of feed and nothing more.

This unique design results in remarkable savings on feed costs by ensuring that the feed goes directly to the pigs, preventing wastage on the ground or in the pit. With the new design, a better return on investment is guaranteed as more of the food is being consumed versus falling on the ground, making it an unparalleled choice for efficiency and profitability.

Pig Feeders

Types of Pig Feeders

At BarnWorld.com, we understand the critical role that efficient feeding plays in the success of your swine operation. That’s why we are proud to offer the Osborne line of pig feeders designed to cater to the unique needs of each stage of growth. Whether you’re managing nursery-size animals, newly weaned pigs, or finishing hogs, our feeders are engineered to deliver optimal performance, ensuring both feed and labor savings for your operation.

  1. Nursery Feeders: Ensuring Freshness for Sensitive Young Pigs

nursery feeder for pigs

The Nursery Feeders feature a self-cleaning, round-trough design that guarantees a constant supply of fresh feed for sensitive nursery-size animals. The innovative design prevents waste caused by play, sorting, or backing away from the feed trough. With the Nursery Feeders, you can be confident that your young pigs receive the nutrition they need without unnecessary waste, promoting healthy growth during this crucial stage.

  1. Wean-to-Finish Feeders: Efficiency from Weaning to Market Weight

nursery feeder for pigs

Osborne’s FAST Start Pig Feeder is specially designed to provide maximum feed for newly-weaned pigs while minimizing waste. Harnessing the benefits of gravity-flow feed delivery for weaned pigs, FAST Start seamlessly transitions to Osborne’s signature no-waste, mechanical-flow feed delivery as pigs grow. This versatile feeder allows you to grow and finish pigs efficiently, all on a single feeder, streamlining your operation and enhancing overall productivity.

  1. Finish Feeders: Optimal Feed Conversion and Access Control

pig eating from an indoor pig feeder

The Finishing Feeders are, suitable for both indoor and outdoor use, and stand out for their exceptional feed and labor-saving performance. Featuring large trough openings and ample standing room, these feeders prevent feed waste resulting from competition for access or overcrowding. Improve feed conversion rates by ensuring feed goes into the pigs and not the pit with our Big Wheel Finish Feeders, contributing to the overall efficiency of your finishing operation.

  1. Bulk Finish Feeders: Automation for Labor Savings

hog feeders for sales

The Bulk Finish Feeders are designed to reduce the labor involved in constantly refilling feeders. These large-capacity feeders can hold up to 105 bushels for a lot of hungry mouths! With hot-dipped galvanized metal parts and abrasion-resistant fiberglass-reinforced composite hoppers and troughs, they’re built to withstand the rigors of Mother Nature while outdoors and the abuse of 300-lb. rambunctious hogs. It’s ideal for large groups of swine and provides a reliable and efficient solution for large-scale operations.

A Worthwhile Investment

Invest in Osborne’s premium pig feeders to optimize your feeding program, reduce waste, and enhance the overall efficiency of your swine operation. Join the ranks of successful pig producers who trust Osborne for innovative and reliable feeding solutions. Your success is our priority, and our feeders are designed to make a significant impact on your bottom line.

Where to Buy A Pig Feeder

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Cattle Guards: A Rancher’s Story

Let me tell you about a lesson I learned the hard way on my ranch. I’ve been tending to my cattle for as long as I can remember, and while it’s a tough job, it’s one I love.

a cattle guard installed in a roadway

My Cattle Guard Story

There’s always been a gate at the entrance that’s meant to keep my herd safe and secure. It wasn’t until an incident with a power company that I realized the true value of installing a cattle guard.

With right-of-way access granted to the company for the routine inspection of the transmission lines at the back of my land, I had workings coming through the gate about once a year. They don’t schedule with me in advance and typically show up and are gone before I know they’re around. The line workers open and close the gate as needed and I never really gave an open gate much thought.

This year was different.

When they accessed the property, they guys didn’t latch the gate properly, or maybe at all on their way out.  It was a week later I was running the fence line on the ATV and came across the open gate.

I closed it behind me and drove through the pasture looking for the herd but it was empty.  They had wandered off into the neighboring forest.

Rounding up cattle in dense and hilly forests isn’t an easy feat, let me tell you. It took me and a handful of extra hands on ATVs two days to track them down, load them on the trailer, and back to where they belonged. Needless to say, I was furious. It was a headache, a heartache, and a whole lot of hard work.

Well, that experience lit a fire under me, and I decided I needed a foolproof solution to prevent it from happening again. That’s when I discovered the magic of cattle guards. I installed them at both ranch entrances and it’s been a game-changer! With the pre-cast concrete foundations delivered right to the site, the installation was very simple. Here are some pictures from the project.

cattle guard and foundations ready for installation picture of the top of the cattle guards

cattle guard foundations

Now, I can give access to whoever needs it without worrying about my cattle making a run for it. The ease of access is incredible, and it’s a relief not to constantly fret about whether a gate has been properly latched or not. It’s like having a reliable extra pair of eyes watching over my herd.

If you’re a rancher like me, and you’ve ever had the misfortune of chasing after runaway cattle, I’ve got a piece of advice for you – invest in some quality cattle guards. I got mine from BarnWorld.com, and they’ve got great customer service (Ron I think?) and a selection that suits all kinds of needs. Trust me; it’s a small price to pay for peace of mind.

Don’t wait until you’re herding cattle through the woods to realize the value of a good cattle guard.

Head over to BarnWorld.com (720) 238-2190 and they’ll help secure your peace of mind. Happy ranching, y’all!