Weigh Bars turn your squeeze chute into a livestock scale

The easiest way to weigh your livestock is when they’re calm and contained. This environment allows for accurate measuring and is exactly what you get when your cattle are in the squeeze chute. Turning your squeeze chute into a livestock scale is made quick and easy with the rugged Weigh Bars from Barn World.

weigh bars in gold with digital indicator


Weigh Bar

This chute scale kit is made with carbon steel and finished in a high quality epoxy for longevity and ruggedness. It includes two loaded cells in each bar and is able to operate in temperatures as low as 14°F and all the way up to 104° if need be.


  • Each bar includes two load cells(each load cell 50 ohm)
  • Each bar has two adjustable feet per bar with a 3″ high adjustment
  • The Cell Output: 3 mV/V
  • Overweight protection – 200%
  • Maximum Operating Temperatures: 14 to 104 degrees F
  • Included Cable to the indicator is 20′

The low profile of 3.5″ allows them to be mounted just about anywhere. The mounting tabs are designed to hold the bars under your livestock chute or platform and are available with the 33″ or 40″ spec dimensions shown below:

weigh bar dimension diagram

Digital indicator

The indicator itself measures a generous 9″ x 5.5″ inches and is made and protected with stainless steel. It has a strong back-lit LCD display for easy reading and comes with a rechargeable 6 V battery and an AC adapter.

weigh bar display indicator

The software includes an animal motion hold setting so you may obtain accurate weights even if your cattle are moving in the chute.

The indicator also includes an RS – 232 port which is a full-duplex serial output so you may plug directly into your printer, laptop or other compatible device.


The kit includes a 20 foot connecting cable with plugging connections. To remove and store the display unit, simply unplug it. It also includes the cable to connect the bars together and is a complete system out-of-the-box!

weigh bar cable for cattle chute scale

The cables themselves are protected at each connection point with a steel surround so they can’t be kicked off or broken at the connection itself. See the picture below of the protected ports

weigh bar cable connections

Optional Platform Scale

These rugged bars can also be bolted directly to an optional platform to create a free-standing platform scale if desired. The platform weighs approximately 70 pounds is made from aluminum diamond tread deck plate and is further supported with cross members. The bottom of the perimeter is given extra support with 2″ square tubing for extra strength. It also includes cross-bracing through the middle of the platform area. 

It can be ordered for either the 33 inch or 40 inch sizes and will weigh almost anything up to 5,000 pounds!

Platform Scale made with Weigh Bars

Optional Heavy Duty Aluminum Platform - Floor Scale

Since you have your cattle going through the chute anyway, it is no extra effort to grab an accurate weight by installing these chute scale weigh bars to the bottom of your equipment. They are ready to go when they arrive and simply bolt on the bottom of your existing equipment. You can get accurate weight even if your cattle are somehow able to move around while in the chute.

Any flat surface can be made into a platform scale. The adjustable feet allow for a solid foundation and the entire portable scale system comes with a one-year manufacturer’s warranty.

They do include free throughout the lower 48 states and make managing your livestock weight gains and health quick and easy.

If you have any questions about this way bar scale system or any of our livestock scales, just let us know and will be happy to help.

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