A Pig Scale for weighing small animals

The Osborne Pig Scale is used for weighing all types of small animals. It has side rails and doors on each end for a safe and orderly weighing process. This creates a secure and controlled environment for capturing accurate weights.

A hog enjoying his weigh-in!

A pig being weighed in a small animal scale

Features of the Scale

Every try and weigh an animal as it dances around frantically on the scale?  The weight jumps around and the animals is so anxious, an accurate weight is illusive.

Containment and gates

A stress-free animal is calmer and easier to weigh than one that’s unsettled. Ever notice how a calf calms down once secure in the chute? It’s the same for smaller animals who are in the ‘comfort’ of confinement too. The interior of the scale has a solid floor for footing confidence and the large doors allow easy access and entry.

Once inside, they’re able to relax more in the defined space. Calm and relaxed is easier on the animal and provides better opportunities to get an accurate weight.

Once done with weighing, the scale has a rear door for the animal to exit. They don’t need to turnaround and leave through the front door. This one-way design is more natural and safer for the animal and operator

sheep being weighed in the pig scale


The pig scale uses cable-free weigh arms to help remove any swaying or movement cause by an excited animal. The anti-sway bars coordinate the movement of the basket with the scale. The entire mechanical portion is cable free! This allows the two to be in-sync for fast and accurate weights. A mechanical dial is available for quick reading as is a digital meter for increase accuracy.

Pig Scale Options

The scale is customizable and has many available features to make weighing your animals a breeze. Below are a few of the favorite additional features:


The are two available indicators for the pig scale. The large mechanical dial allows for a quick glance to note the weight and is the most economical option. There’s also a digital indicator that’s accurate to 1/10th of a pound for more precise measurements.

pig scale mechanical dial  digital pig scale indicator

Wheel Kit

To make the 5′ long scale portable, an optional wheel kit may be added. It mounts to one end of the scale and with the pull of the handle, you can roll it around. Roll it to the area where you’ll be weighing instead of herding your animals to it. It also makes it easy to put out-of-the way for storage.

pig scale wheel kit

Gate Options

There are two gate options for the scale. One is the side opening style that opens like a traditional door. This simple side hinge design is economical and easy to operate.

The center opening gates open from the center with two side doors. The center-opening is more natural for animals to use. Instead of going around the end to enter or exit, they walk right through the center.

pig scale with side opening doors  pig scale with center opening doors


The scale is available in an 18″ and 24″ inch width. Both sizes have a 500 pound capacity and the only difference between the two is the width itself.


Keeping your animals calm while going through the weighing process is the key to a stress-free and safe weigh-in for your and your animals. The secure side-rails and doors create a trouble-free scale and weighing system.

The door options grant easy access and exit from the scale while the wheel kit will make it portable. Take the scale to where it’s needed instead of bringing the animals to the scale. The feature also makes it easy to move out of the way when not in use.

The Osborne Pig Scale has been popular for decades with back-yard farmers and producers alike. They’re quality and experience in the industry make it a top-notch choice for any operation.

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