Cattle Scales and the Weigh Bar

Weighing your cattle is an important health monitoring tool for your animals. This weigh bar set up allows you to weigh right in the chute and turns it into an effortless cattle scale. The calm squeeze chute environment creates a safe place for you and your animal to get an accurate weight.

cattle scale weigh barsThe MTI-500 is a simple and economical addition that mounts right to the bottom of your chute. It comes is lengths of 33″ or 40″ to fit most frames and quickly attaches with the mounting tabs on each end of the bars.

Livestock Scale Weigh Bar Features

These cattle scale bars ship ready to use and can be quickly set up right from the box. They include both weigh bars that have build in handles on each bar. There’s a 20′ cable from the bar to the digital indicator which is house in stainless steel. The indicator includes a back-light and the entire system comes with a manufacturer’s 2-year warranty.

The system has a total weighing capacity of 5,000 pounds, 2,500 on each bar in both the 33″ and 40″ lengths.

To use for weighing your livestock, place the bars under the platform they’ll be standing on, zero out the display and you’re ready to go.

The indicator uses the common RS-232 communications port to link directly to your laptop. The included cable is easy to disconnect from the digital indicator for storage.

At the bars, the cables also easily unplug and are made with rodent resistant protective wrap. Each of the connection points on the bars have protective steel shields. These protruding covers protect your connects from damage when you’re transporting your scale.

Platform Scale

Although it’s designed to mount to you chute, it doesn’t have to. There is an optional heavy-duty aluminum platform designed to fit the bars and make it an open-sided platform scale.

It measures a generous 7′ long and is available in 33″ or 40″ to math the size of the bars you select. See the picture below for a fully-assembled scale.

livestock scale platform

The bars can be mounted to most anything using the included mounting tabs!

Weigh Bar Specifications and Details

Click the following link to access the manual. It includes set up details, help with setting up the digital display and lot of detail information that may be useful for reference.

Weigh Bar Manual

Dimension Diagram

cattle scale dimension diagram


The bars themselves are made with carbon steel and finished in a high-grade epoxy paint. Each individual bar has two loaded cells for accuracy. Recommended operating temperatures for most accurate weighing are 14 – 104 F degrees. Each bar has a low profile 4″ height.

Cleaning the Scale

The chute scale may be washed down with water but it’s not recommended that they be sprayed with a hose. The bars are sealed but a strong blast of water from the stream of a hose may force water into areas that can wear down or even break through a seal.

It’s also recommended that the bars aren’t submersed in water. When using on the bottom of a chute, it’s best to keep them out of the mud or from resting in wet areas. For more accurate results, the feet of the bars should be on a solid surface that’s free of standing water.


The light and portable design means it can be portable and each handle makes them easy to carry. The quick connect cables make set up and break down a breeze.

The indicator features an animal motion hold. The built in software can grab an accurate weight even if the animal being weighed is moving round.

The bars come with a 6 V rechargeable battery and an AC adapter for use almost anywhere.

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