Hog Scales: Weighing Small Animals

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When it comes to livestock scales, Osborne has been an industry leader in high-quality hog scales for decades. Their design creates a contained weigh station that helps reduce stress on the animal and creates a manageable experience for you as well!

Below a hog calmly enjoying the weighing process!

hog scale

The optional wheel kit makes this 5′ long scale portable. One personal can easily roll it out for weighing and roll back out-of-the-way when not needed. It can be moved from pen to pen so you don’t have to herd your animals to the scale itself.

The weighing mechanism is entirely cable free and the platform is built to reduce movement. This allows it to quickly grab an accurate weight.

Hog Scales – Specifications

  • Overall width:  18″ or 24″
  • Width 18″ – Platform is 14″ wide and 60″ long
  • Width 24″ – Platform is 20″ wide and 60″ long
  • Optional Wheel Kit – adds 4″ to overall exterior width
  • Wheel kit includes wheels, fasteners and handles
  • Gates available with center or side opening

Available Size Specification Chart

hog scale dimensions and size chart

Hog Scale Options

The scale is designed for rugged use in large animal operations. It comes with a variety of options to meet your preferences. See the available configurations below.

Scale display Options:

The scale is designed to be used with either a mechanical dial or the digital scale options. Some customer prefer the large manual display while others use the digital option below.

Mechanical Hog Scale Dial

The traditional mechanical dial display is the most popular choice of readouts. It’s simple and straight forward method and allows view the result with a quick glance. This is the most economical option and is extremely reliable. The system includes a lever with an optional hydraulic damping and can be read even if your animal is moving around.
hog scale mechanical dial

Digital Display

The digital scale readout features a continuous re-zeroing and a quick freeze feature for displaying a recorded weight until the scale is unloaded. It comes with an RS232 port so you can send your results electronically to a computer database for recording. This option includes the cable need to connect from the indicator to your PC. The precision allows readouts accurate to the 10th of a pound.

digital hog scale indicator

Wheel Kit

The wheel kit is an extremely popular add on and fits both the 18″ and 24″ scales. It includes a handle that raises and lowers the wheels on the far end and allows one person to easily move the scale from location to location.
hog scale wheel kit

Hog Scale Assembly Instructions Link (click here)

The scale ships un-assembled to keep shipping costs low. Click the link above to see the assembly required.


Use this scale to weigh your small animals in a stress-free environment. It’s better for you and them to have a ‘controlled experience’ and you get more accurate weights too. The wheel kit turns this large scale into a portable one and you’ll no longer have to bring your animals to the scale. Bring the scale to them and have a calm weighing experience.

If you’d like a quote with shipping right to your door or have any questions, please let us know.


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