Calf Warmer: Give Your Calves The Best Start Possible

Now is the time to buy a calf warmer, calving pen and maternity pen. This has been a brutally cold winter across the country which means calves are being born into harsh conditions. Make sure you’re ready and give them a strong start to life.

Calf Warmer

Why use a Calf Warmer

Our warmers offer the best possible care for a newborn calf. They’re made of long-lasting polyethylene for durability and easy cleaning and create a perfect enclosed environment for a newborn during those first critical hours after birth. The heater, located in a separate enclosure at the rear of the calf warmer, uses a circulating fan and automatic shutoff thermostat to regulate air flow and keep vulnerable newborn calves warm. The inside has enough room so the calf can either stand or lie down. Their instinctive identity scent is not removed, so waiting mothers will reclaim their rejuvenated infants at once.

calf warmer heater

The warmer has a heater drawer and allows for the replacement of the heater alone. Make sure yours is in good working order or get one of our replacements before you really need it. Don’t end up with your calves in the cab of your truck trying keep warm!

Calving Pens

Calving pens follow the calf warmer closely in utility timing. Starting in the warmer, they grow quickly and a pen is needed. Now is also the time to think about getting a calving pen or maternity pen. We carry two types to help you save calves from difficult heifers. All sides of the square calving pen have an in-and-out swing gate and latch for easy access from any direction. The circular maternity pen has a confinement pen and nursing panels on two sides. You can get an optional self-catching head gate with either model.

calving pen for livestock

Be ready for calving season. Order your calf warmers, heaters, and calving pens now. Call for shipping quotes at 720-238-2190.