Do-it-Yourself Radiant Floor Heating Kits

Barn World is much more than farm and ranch supplies. One of our newest product additions is the Radiant Floor Heat kits for do-it-yourself projects. Hydroponic radiant floor heating systems are an excellent choice for heating concrete floors in basements, garages, greenhouses and slab on grade additions. Chose from three different sizes of boilers and insulated floor panels for the right size for your project.

These systems feature four different sizes of electric boilers. They’re small and highly efficient and employ patented power-sharing technology. They are UL listed for space heating applications and are known for self diagnostics and ease of service


Installing the boilers is simply and straight forward. Layout your insulated floor panels, mount  your boiler panel to the wall, and install the PEX tubing prior to pouring your slab.


pouring concrete on insulated floor panels

The modular insulated floor panels are available in 1, 2 and 3 inch thickenss and make installation of the PEX tubing simple and snap-in easy. Using the panels can not only cut your installation time by but they also provide long lasting insulation. They keep your tubing from moving while you pour.  Most importantly, keep the heat from going into the ground instead of your floor.

radiant heat floor panels holding pex tubing in place

After the tubing is installed, connect the PEX tubing to the manifold, fill the system with antifreeze. Next, purge the air and have your electrician wire the thermostat, circulating pump and the electric boiler.

Once done, you’ll have a silent, long-lasting heat source where it’s most efficient.  Your entire floor will provide consistent warmth during your coldest nights.

The panels ship throughout the US in un-protected bags on pallets are easy to ship and unload.

crete heat floor panels ready to ship

Visit for all your radiant floor heating needs as well as reflective insulation and farm and ranch supplies.  Call them at 720-238-2190 with your questions and they’ll be happy to help!


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