Livestock Waterers

Livestock waterers are important for keeping your animals for health and weight gain. Barn World has a wide selection of livestock waters for all you animal waterer needs.

Open Waterers

open livestock waterer

These waters have an open trough for easy access for large or small groups of animals. They keep fresh water in front of your animals at all times but connecting directly to your water line with a float. As the water rises, the float goes up and closes off the supply to the waterer. Whenever water is consumed, it’s automatically replenished

Closed Waterers

closed top water trough

This design protects the water from exposure to the elements including pests. Sometimes the sun can promote algae growth right your animals water supply.

The coverage also prevents evaporation, debris accumulation and keeps it protected from dust and anything else that might be floating around in the air. They’re great for high traffic areas where dust is being kicked up or sun exposure and algae is a problem.


The waterers are made with UV-resistant polyethylene. This material allows for completely smooth edges which make for easy cleaning. It’s able to take a lot of abuse from large herds without denting.

The material is impervious to rust, corrosion feed lot acids. These are built to be long-lasting and durable water supplies.

They come with a 5-year manufacturer’s warranty too!


A properly installed waterer provides a lot of benefits. Two of the best are: ease of use and the ability to automatically provide continuous water to large herds.

The secret of the waterer is the water supply. The line is run underground, below the frost line. It’s then run up an insulated tube to the trough so it works even in freezing temperatures.

Below is a generic installation diagram that shows how well the system is designed.

animal waterer installation diagram

Keep your animals healthy year-round with an animal waterer from Barn World. Visit us today and see all of our animal waterers.

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