Tack room organizers

It’s time to organize your tack room!

Have you put off the spring cleaning your tack room desperately needs?  You can easily get organized with this very popular tack room organizer.  It holds your bridle, horse blankets and up to four saddles!

saddle rack with arms for horse blankets and bridles   tack room organizer for horses in a green pastures

Horse Tack Stand

Too many of use toss our valuable riding equipment on a tack truck or nearest flat surface after a ride. A disorganized tack room with piles of pads, saddles and bridles creates a mess and can put creases, folds and retain sweat and moisture in our equipment.

The horse tack stand is a wonderful stand alone tack room organizer that holds everything you need. It frees up a huge amount of space and will clear your floors and flat surfaces in no time.

Tack Station Capacity

This self-standing station is build to hold four complete sets of equestrian tack ready for use.

Saddle Pads and Blankets

The left side is dedicated to holding ten blankets or saddle pads and will allow them to retain their natural shape with a center fold. The arms are great for letting your sheepskin saddle pads dry after cleaning and make your blankets look great and organized. A stack of pads will only retain moisture and sweat and make a strange smell consume your tack room.  Get them organized and looking good on the left side of the stand.

Bridle Organizing

The center section is dedicated hold your halters, headstalls and bridles.  There are four individual center posts for keeping your long and easily tangled equipment organized. This simple post design allows for easy hanging that keeps bridles available and easy to choose when looking to go out.

Saddle Racks

The right side has four large saddle racks for your favorite saddles. This makes it easy to quickly slide your saddles on and have them vertically organized with easy.  It just as simple to set your saddle on an arm as it is toss it in the corner.  With this organizer, it gets it off the flat surface and retains it’s natural horse back shape until you’re read to use it again. Not only that, but it looks great too!

saddle rack arm for tack room organizer

Tack Room Organizer

The benefits of an organized tack room can’t be understated. The ability to quickly see and access your riding equipment makes getting on quickly a breeze.

The proper storage and hanging of your equipment also keeps it in good shape. Allowing your saddle pads to completely dry while hanging on an arm keeps your sheepskin or wool material fresh and clean.

Bridles don’t have to end up in a ball behind your tack truck, have them clean and hanging for quick access in the middle of the stand.

All that and the ability to hold four saddles ready for action and off the floor or your trunk will keep your tack room looking great and working even better.

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