Rubber stall mats

Horse Stall Mats

These horse stall mats are long lasting, easy cleaning, non-absorbent and slip-resistant. They promote equine health and can save a tremendous amount in bedding costs.

Interlocking Stall Mats

These horse mats are easy to install and will fit standard stall sizes.

interlocking horse stall mat held up to view teeth

A quality stall mat will keep your barn and equine living quarters clean, looking good and a breeze to maintain. These interlocking stall mats are cut with a ‘sonic knife’ to give the tightest seams possible. The extremely tight fit can prevent seeping and will give a sturdy and safe footing area. The 3/4″ mats provide a firm cushion for walking and standing, provides insulation against cold, damp floors and will make daily cleaning an easy process. Save on bedding and keep your time spent on stall cleaning and maintenance to a minimum with these quality stall mats. They’re great for barn alleys and wash racks too!

Interlocking stall mat kit sizes:

  • 10’x10′
  • 10’x12′
  • 12’x12′


All mats are covered by a generous 15 year manufacturer’s warranty.


Some of the great features of these stall mats include

  • Maintenance free stall floor – no more puddles.
  • Daily clean-ups are a breeze.
  • Less bedding, less work – smaller manure pile.
  • A must on concrete and asphalt floors.
  • Resilient – cushions horse’s joints and muscles.
  • Insulates resting animal against cold and damp.
  • Provides sure footing even when wet .
  • Button top mats are ideal for foaling stalls.

This is the thickest, toughest and most economical stall mat you can buy!

Horse Trailer Mats

Theses rubber trailer mats are: Long Lasting, Easy to Clean, Non-Absorbent, Protects both Horse & Trailer. It Provides Sure Footing on Ramp & Floor. Versatile, durable rubber mats that can be used anywhere.

horse trailer mat installed in a trailer

Horse Trailer Specifications

  • Protects trailer floors and ramps
  • Sure footing for your horse
  • Solid 1/2″ rubber
  • Factory cut to fit most trailers
  • Doesn’t bunch up or curl
  • Cushions and insulates

No wonder it’s the choice of leading trailer manufacturers!

This trailer mat is also protected and guaranteed with a 15 year manufacturer’s warranty!! See all of our rubber stall mats at


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