Handmade Cinches for all Riding Disciplines!

Barn World carries cinches for all types and styles of riding.  Whether cutting or roping, there’s a cinch that will offer the best fit, comfort and performance for your type of riding.

Cinch Chart Styles and Designs

These cinches are all handmade to order with all-natural, 100% Mohair and are made right here in the USA!  Choose your riding discipline, the design and fill it in with any style you like.

Cinch Cord

The best material for cinch comfort and performance is mohair. These use an 8-ply, 100 % virgin mohair cord. They are individually laced by hand onto the buckles and hardware for the best in fit.


Top quality mohair calls for top-of-the-line hardware. It is made by Bork Saddle Hardware Company, which creates the best buckles in the business. They offer traditional round and now flat buckles that keep your horse’s skin from ‘rolling over’ and possible pinching in the buckle.

Available in tumbled or polished, any selection you make when designing your cinch will result the best saddle security you can buy. Below are pictures of the available bucket styles in bronze, brass and stainless steel.

Cinch Buckle Styles

These great mohair cinches are available for the following riding styles:

Take a look at all the cinches, breast collars, shu-flys and even top-of-the line saddle pads at Barn World today!


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