Small Grain Bins for all kinds of storage

Small grain bins can be used to store and manage not only feed, but all types of loose material that’s used around your farm, ranch or even your home. They’re handy for storing and distributing smaller amounts of feed, pellets or corn used for heating your house and really distributing any loose material.

small grain bin

Although we carry and distribute a lot of the larger metal grain bins, sometime you just don’t need that much capacity or have room for that kind of storage. This smaller bin is much more manageable, is easy to assemble and will easily dispense into buckets with the included manual slide valve.

Small Feed Bin Uses and Benefits

The bin is ideal for a lot of different loose material storage and dispensing. Below are benefit and uses for this smaller bin size.

  • Variety of storage possibilities – corn, heating pellets, animal feed bulk seed or any bulk material really.\bulk seed or anything you need
  • Pellet burning stoves require corn or pellet storage and this bin is perfect for it.
  • Small feed bin for smaller feeding and storage requirements.
  • Range cube storage – great for large cubes that are 3/4″ round and 2″ long
  • Capacities include 40 bushel (2,240 pounds) and 65 bushel (3,640 pounds)
  • Keeps material or feed protected from moisture, elements and bugs.
  • Feed bin is constructed of galvanized steel
  • Load feed through the lid on top of bin


The bin is available in both and 65 bushel capacity. The diameters are the same for both at five feet but the larger bin is two feet taller at 10′ overall. It weighs approximately 114 pounds more and uses the same poly boot and slide valve for manual dispensing.

Below is a diagram of the assembled 65 bushel bin that is really the 40 bushel with an extra horizontal ring added to it.

mini feed bin diagram

Small Grain Bin Specifications

Below are the dimensions and capacities for each size bin. Note the diameters are the same, it’s just the overall height that increase to provide room for the additional capacity.

small grain bin specifications

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14 thoughts on “Small Grain Bins for all kinds of storage

  1. Would you send me a quote for the 40 bushel bin? My zip code is 50237. What time frame would I be looking at?
    Thank you


  2. Need a small groaning bend to hold dog food. I bred Labradors retrievers and buy dog food by the ton and rats get in the dog food. Need sizes with prices? Thanks!

  3. Hello,

    I would like a quote for your mini bins. If I could get a quote for both the 40 and the 65 bushel including your shipping costs to zip code 04774 in Northern Maine I would appreciate it.



  4. Do you sell a 10-12 foot dia. grain bin that sits on the ground/slab ? I’m looking at using one for a well house.

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