Poly round horse hay feeder for safety

Poly Round Horse Hay Feeder from Barn World

Feeding your livestock and horses shouldn’t be a difficult chore.  With this poly hay feeder for horses, even feeding round bales is a breeze. No longer are horse hay feeders bulky and difficult to manage and this one won’t rust while sitting oustide year-round in your pasture!  Try the new round poly horse hay feeder from Barn World.

horse stall hay feeder two horses eating from a plastic hay feeder

This feeder is easy to assemble, and move around a pasture and is extremely durable. It may be used in a stall or outdoors with full-round bales.  It’s made from Recycled Materials and a UV-Resistant Inhibitor applied directly to the resin when molded.  It is specifically designed for horse safety and includes overlapping joints & countersunk fasteners to prevent sharp edges and eliminate leg cuts.

rolling a horse hay feeder in a pasture woman lowering a poly horse hay feeder over a round hay bale

At 80 lbs, it’s easy to assemble and move to where it’s needed.

The poly round horse hay feeder is much more convenient than the traditional metal feeders:

  • Specifically designed for horse safety with overlapping joints & countersunk fasteners.
  • Ideal for small ponies and colts.
  • Easy to assemble and handle.
  • Environmentally friendly.
  • Made of recycled materials with UV-resistant resin.
  • Lightweight. Only weighs 80 lbs!
  • Call for quantity discounts
  • 4 pieces – 2” width x 35” high x 7’ diameter
  • One-year manufacturer’s warranty on material and workmanship.
  • Visit BarnWorld today to view our large selection of hay feeders at BarnWorld.com
  • Call us anytime (720) 238-2190

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