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ground mineral feeder for cattle
Barn World offers the heaviest ground mineral feeders available. This large feeder is great for cattle, all types of livestock and also horses! Almost all your ranch animals will quickly learn to love and access the feeder.

horse using a mineral feeder

Mineral Feeder Specifications

It’s heavy duty design is built for cattle, but it can easily be used by horses and small animals too. It has three very large compartments to contain up to 200 pounds of salt mineral in block or loose form. The large flap protects it from the elements year-round.

Mineral Feeder Flap

The 41 inch diameter flap is designed for constant use by large herds. It’s made with thick rubber and has extra support around the pin to prevent tearing. The flap is protected from over bending with a set of included washers. The washers protect it from creasing near the mounting pin and extend the life of the flap.

mineral feeder flap washers

The high quality polyethylene construction of the flap is designed to be used outdoors in direct sunlight and throughout the winter months as well. If it ever does wear out, it may be ordered individually so you don’t need to replace the entire feeder.

heavy duty mineral feeder flap

Mineral Feeder Base

The compartments section of the mineral feeder has a very low profile of 15 inches. It’s specifically built this way to prevent tipping or spilling in the pasture. It also has a tapered shape and the large 38 inch diameter adds to the stability of the feeder.

The high quality polyethylene construction includes three built-in anchoring points molded directly into the base. They allow it to be secured to the ground if desired. The picture below shows the interior and the three large compartments that can hold up to 200 total pounds of dry minerals.

ground mineral feeder without a flap

Polyethylene construction means it’s impervious to corrosion or rust and creates a long-lasting, dependable outdoor feeder. It can be left in the pasture year round and will protect your minerals from mother nature with ease.

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cattle using the ground mineral feeder in a pasture


The Sioux Steel Ground Mineral Feeder is a heavy duty design that’s been around for decades. The low profile keeps it upright with even the most rambunctious livestock use in the field.

It uses extremely tough and UV resistant polyethylene for extreme longevity. The flap is designed for constant and repeated use with large herds and may be replaced individually if necessary.

Fill the feeder with your minerals and supplements and leave it for your animals to do the rest.

We carry a large selection of mineral feeder replacement parts, And if you have any questions, would like a quote with shipping directly to your door or if we can help with anything at all, please don’t hesitate to ask.

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