Cattle Mineral Feeder

Mineral feeders ensure your livestock get the necessary nutrients they need. Sioux Steel is a giant in the livestock supply industry and has created an extremely heavy duty ground cattle mineral feeder for heavy duty use!

cattle mineral feeder  cows eating from cattle mineral feeder

This feeder is designed for use with large herds of cattle. Horses will also easily access the feeder but the heavy-duty construction is designed for rough-and-tumble livestock feeding.

Feeder Body

It has a very wide, 38 inch diameter body that is tapered to prevent it from spilling or tipping. There are three anchor points molded into the body of the polyethylene base so it won’t go anywhere. The three generous compartments are very large and will hold a total of 200 pounds loose minerals for consumption.

Body of Mineral Feeder
three compartments of the polyethylene body   compartments of the feeder

The body of the cattle mineral feeder is 15” tall and is designed to take a lot of abuse in the pasture. The polyethylene construction is impervious to rust and is made with UV inhibitors for an extra-long life in the field. All of the components of the feeder are designed to be used outdoors year-round.

Mineral Feeder Flap

The flap is made with a 3/8” thick, heavy-duty rubber that measures 41 inch in diameter. It attaches to the top of the feeder with a strong pin and key system. It’s protected from tearing and creasing by two large and semi-flexible top washers with an additional washer underneath for added support. The new design increases longevity and durability so your expensive mineral are constantly protected from not only the elements, but your livestock too!

mineral feeder flap hardware kit

The flap is designed to take repeated abuse from cows flipping it up to access the minerals. If the flap ever does get worn, a replacement may be ordered separately. It is easy to change out the old and install the new. The logo that appears on the flaps is being phased out and may not be shipped with new orders.

Easy to Use

This large and tough feeder has been in production for decades and is a proven and widely popular design that’s used across the country. The high quality polyethylene construction makes it a long-lasting and dependable feeder no matter how many cattle are using it. It’s extremely simple to use – just fill it up and your animals will do the rest.

Make sure your livestock get the nutrition they need for the best overall health and weight gains possible.

Where to buy the feeder

This popular feeder are for sale at Barn World and if you’d like a quote with shipping, please let us know happy to help. or (720) 238-2190










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