Mineral Feeders to your Livestock Healthy

Barn World offers a large selection of mineral feeders and one of the most popular is the Upright Mineral Feeder from Tarter. This cattle supplement feeder is overbuilt and will take years of abuse from the elements and your largest livestock out in the field.

Below is a picture of a feeder with the optional face fly kit installed.

cow eating from a mineral feeder

Benefits of Mineral Feeders


Your livestock need precious supplements year-round. These nutritional feeds can help maintain overall health and promote healthy weight gains at the same time. When natural grass or hay is scarce, this feeder will make sure your animals have the necessary nutrients.

The optional Face Fly Control Kit offers relief from annoying, disease carrying pests. As your animals go into to eat the minerals, their face comes into contact with the hanging mop. It spreads your pest control product from the tip tank, onto the mop and covers the face of your animals.

face fly kit for the upright mineral feeder

It’s a simple and effective means of helping to prevent common problems like pink eye and other contagions that can be carried by flies.


This feeder is made with a very heavy-duty, 2″ round pipe frame. It’s literally one of the heaviest on the market today. All of the metal is covered in a powder-coat red finish for extra toughness and longevity.


The incredibly wide base creates a 48″ wide foot print to prevent tipping. The very low center of gravity further enhances the overall stability. You don’t want your cattle to be able to tip over the feeder so it’s design as low and wide as is practical.

There are two stand designs to choose from. Both the square base and the skid configuration provide strong vertical support. The skids allow for easy movement to new locations and pastures where it’s needed.

mineral feeder on skid base  mineral feeder on square base

The feeder also includes a rotating poly hood that moves on a heavy duty sealed bearing. The hood can turn 360 degrees and will keep it’s back to the wind when it blows. The rotating cover has an overhang that will protect your precious minerals from the rain as well.


  • 13 gallon capacity inside the tub of the hood
  • The hood opening measures 28″ x 24″
  • Powder coated steel frame
  • Wide base for extreme stability is 48″ square
  • Overall height is 56 inches
  • Hood turn 360 degrees on a heavy duty sealed bearing
  • Weighs approximately 76 pounds

Mineral Feeder Video Review

Make sure your livestock have access to the minerals they require for healthy weight gains with the heavy duty Tarter Upright Mineral Feeder.

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