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Barn World carries a large selection of mineral feeders including lick tanks, ground style mineral feeders and block mineral feeder holders.

Lick Feeders

Lick tanks are one of the easiest ways to ensure that your animals are getting the nutrition they need. They are typically made of rust roof polyethylene that offers incredible strength and the ability to resist dents and scratches.

The tops are don’t to allow water to drain off the size and protect the liquid inside. The domed shape also helps prevent cattle from standing on the top of the feeder itself.

Most have anchor tabs on the bottom so you may secure them into the ground to prevent unwanted movement. Most of these tabs can also be used to move the feeder from one pastor to another if needed.

The large wheels themselves spin down into the tank and lift liquid top and outside of the top where it can be accessed. The bottom of the feeder typically has a groove in the floor for the wheel to rotate through. This allows it to get every last bit of liquid from the tank so none is left behind to waste.

Lick Tank Sizes

Barn World carries very large capacity feeders so you can fill it up and service large herds without constantly refilling. They range from the 285 gallon size all the way down to 16 gallon capacities. The largest sizes allow you to set and forget while the smaller ones are little more portable.

large cattle lick tank  large lick tanks for cattle

The largest lick feeders here included two feeder wheels on each side of the tank. They do have an option to add two more for a total of four feeding wheels for larger groups of cattle.

Individual replacement lick wheels are also available for replacement if needed.

lick tank wheel


Solid Mineral Feeders

these mineral feeders are also designed to get the essential supplements for proper weight gain to your animals. To make sure they have the best healthy weight gains available to them at all times a traditional ground feeder can promote overall well-being to large groups at time.

Like the lick Tank feeders above, these allow you to place a large amount supplements in a container for your animals to access. This reduces your labor costs while providing the best possible nutrition year-round.

Upright Mineral Feeders

The upright feeder is traditionally designed with one open side and is designed to swivel on a base to protect the minerals inside for the elements. The feeders only handle solid minerals and not liquid.

One of the great benefits of this style is that can be combined with a face fly control mop. This allows your animals to have pesticides applied to their face pesky flies away from their eyes. This can help prevent diseases like pinkeye and others from infecting your group.

upright mineral feeder with face mop    face fly mop hanging in a wind vane mineral feeder

Ground Mineral Feeders

the most popular pasture bound in maintenance-free mineral feeder is the ground style. This is a solid mineral feeder (not for holding liquid) that typically uses a heavy duty rubber flaps to protect contents.

The large capacities again allow a ‘fill-it-and-forget-it’ style of feeding. Cattle and even horses easily learn to get under the top flap and gain access to the minerals almost immediately. Below is a picture of cattle crowding around a Sioux Steel brand feeder while a horse enjoys access to it’s nutrients in the next picture.

Sioux Steel offers a mineral feeder replacement flap kit for their feeders. Although the feeder is made of the same tough, high quality polyurethane as the lick tanks, the flap is the only moving part that sees a lot of action and can wear out after years of use. It’s an easy replacement and saves the cost of buying a new feeder.

Nutrition is the key

No matter how many or what kind of animals you have or are raising, they can all benefit from proper supplements nutrients. A proper diet can help them avoid disease and infections and ensure they have the best possible environment for weight gain and overall health.

Visit barn world today and let us know if we can prepare a quote for any of our feeders for delivery right to your door.

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