A Pig Feeder to minimize waste and maximize profits

A quality pig feeder will help manage your feed costs and overall profitability. The Osborne folks have been in the industry for decades and offer top-notch feeders for every stage of growth.

many pigs eating from indoor pig feeders

Pig Feeders Save Money

Feed is one of the high cost items when raising any animal and it’s no different with pigs. Minimizing food waste can have a very positive and dramatic impact on your bottom line.

Osborne Industries has a full line of feeders designed to consistently have feed available without allowing play waste to occur. A trough full of food that just waits to be eaten will quickly wind up lost on the floor. You don’t want it scattered around the barn when the pigs start playing.

An on-demand feeder is one designed to only dispense feed when called for by the animal. It eliminates standing trough feed but always provides it when asked for.

On-demand Feeding

All of Osborne’s feeders include the on-demand only feeding feature that saves money and increases profits. They have designed a paddle sweep that must be moved before anything is released. When the pig noses the paddle left or right, it moves the feeder paddle to the side and grain will be dispensed. If the paddle’s not moved, the feed stays inside.

The side motion of paddles also helps clean the trough. On the bottom and ends of each arm, a flexible paddle is installed. It acts as a spatula and cleans as it rotates through the trough. Your pigs will be cleaning their own feed trough!

Convertible Pig Feeder

Osborne does offer a gravity fed feeder that converts to on-demand automatically.  When pigs are very small, they may not be able to turn the rotating feeder bars. This new design allows the feed to flow through without the use of the paddles. It’s strictly done with gravity.

automatic pig feeder display

Once they get older and larger, they will start moving the paddles. As the arms are turned a complete revolution through the trough area, the feeder will automatically close the gravity chutes and engage the on-demand feature. The food saving start as soon as the pig are ready and by the pigs themselves!


Pig Feeder Video

Feeding Stations Promote Consumption and Weight Gains

It’s been demonstrated the pigs will spend more time eating and eat more when they are in a stress-free environment. The Osborne feeders promote a non-competitive area for pigs to eat.

Each feeder has designated feeding stations that allow animals to stand right next to each other without promoting aggression or competition for food. There are steel bars that create structural support for the center holding section that also divide the trough into individual stations. This creates a secure place to eat without another animal butting in. The security and defined areas reduce stress and lead to more consumption and thus larger weight gains.

The feeding stations are in a round configuration to maximize the number of pigs that can access the trough at one time. Their shoulders won’t come into contact as their heads are close together but their rear-ends are not.


Pig Feeder Eating Stations

pig feeder eating stations



The feeders are all made from polyethylene that is impervious to rust, corrosion or feed area acids. They’re built to handle high and rambunctious activity levels that can be seen in growing operations.

The steel support members are powder-coated for extra toughness and longevity. It’s built for use in high volume operations.

If you ever need a part for any of the Osborne feeders, they can be ordered separately. That really helps when you don’t have to incurring the cost of replacing an entire feeder.

Indoor Pig Feeder

pigs eating from a pig feeder

Please take a look at all the pig feeders and select the one that best fits the size of your operation. They go all the way up to 15 bushels and available for hogs in the Outdoor Hog Feeder section of our website.

We do ship them all over the United States and if you’d like a quote with shipping right to your farm, just let us know and we’ll be happy to help!

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