The Decision to Buy A Cattle Guard

Cattle Guards provide security, convenience, and peace of mind.

cattle guard installed in roadway

The sun had already set when the family returned to the ranch with a gooseneck full of hay. They were tired and hungry, but the thought of a late home-cooked meal and a good night’s rest kept them going.

As they pulled up to the entry gate with the trailer in tow, they noticed something strange: The gate was wide open. A quick search of the surrounding pastures and their fear was confirmed. Their cattle had wandered off into the night.

Panic set in as they realized the amount of work that lay ahead and the potential trouble and danger the loose animals could create. Someone had simply forgot, or didn’t properly close and latch the gate, and now an immediate nighttime search and rescue operation for the family herd was necessary.

Up at the house, they grabbed their gear and flashlights before heading out into the dark to search for the missing cattle. They split up, each taking a different direction, and began looking in the surrounding fields and places where they thought the animals might congregate.

It wasn’t long before they realized just how difficult it was going to be to find their cattle in the middle of the night. The darkness made it hard to see and the cows could be scattered or grouped together almost anywhere.

The eldest daughter riding her ATV came across a small group grazing on some tall grass near the side of the road.  A road is not where you want to come across a herd in the dark. Passing cars and trucks could easily run into them and cause a heck of an accident. The potential loss of life was at the forefront of everyone’s mind.

Worried about such an event, the family kept looking in the dark for the rest of the cattle.

After another 45 minutes of searching and worrying about animal and human safety, the main herd was discovered in the dry riverbed further along the road.  The family worked together to corral the animals and decided to load them into trailers instead of herding them back to the ranch in the dark.

Once they were safely back in the pasture, the family realized the importance of having a cattle guard to prevent their animals from wandering off again. They knew it was an investment that would protect their animals, their livelihood, and possibly the lives of those in the passing vehicles on the nearby road.

cattle-guard on concrete foundations

Within three weeks, the guard was installed and they felt a sense of relief knowing that their cattle and passing vehicles would be secure on the property. The installation ensures the safety and security of their livestock no matter who was entering or leaving their property.

Cattle Guard

Not only that, but one of the best benefits of the cattle guard is that they no longer have to deal with operating a gate. To drive up, stop, and get out to open the gate in the rain or snow was never any fun. Nor was trying to get through the entrance before the animals began crowding the gate. Fighting the large animals off to close the gate before they can escape creates a dangerous situation.

Now, the family, and anyone else for that matter, can drive through without stopping and the family no longer has to worry about their cattle leaving the pasture and wandering around roads or the neighbor’s property.

For your own safety, convenience, and peace of mind, get a cattle guard from Barn World today!

cattle guard installed in road

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