Cattle guard foundations delivered!

Installing a cattle guard is a labor-intensive feat. It requires excavation, pouring of cement footings and the setting of the guard itself. There is now an easier way with pre-cast cattle guard foundations!

Barn World can now ship pre-cast concrete footings with the flat top rail cattle guards! We can deliver a complete set of cattle guard foundations that are designed specifically to bolt to the grid itself.

Cattle Guard Resting on Concrete Foundations

cattle guard and precast concrete foundations

The importance of a solid foundation

The foundation is the most important aspect to any installation. Buildings, bridges and really any structure that requires transferring a large amount of weight to the ground needs solid footing.

It is especially critical that cattle guards are properly secured. The loads it carries can change and cars and trucks can create changing horizontal loads as the momentum of the vehicle changes. When a vehicle accelerates, brakes, or turns while on the crossing, a horizontal load is introduced. This requires tremendous support to effectively stabilize and transfer them to the ground.

The pre-cast concrete footings have bolts cast into them to match the mounting holes in the bottom of the steel grid. Cattle guards should be bolted directly to the foundation to prevent movement that can disturb and weaken an installation.

Taking Delivery

Pre-cast foundations are now delivered on the same vehicle as the cattle guards themselves. This means the entire crossing can be installed much more quickly. There’s no need to wait for cement to cure before setting the guards and this convenience means a faster project completion time.

As with anything made of concrete, they are very heavy. and cumbersome. They’re available in lengths of 8′, 10′, 12′ and 14′ to match the available sizes of the guards themselves and due to their large sizes and weights, the delivery vehicles do not have a means of unloading. They will usually arrive on a flat-bed truck and require that the receiver provide a mechanical means of unloading. A fork lift will be necessary to unload and providing access to both sides of the trailer is ideal. The more accessibility to the trailer in the delivery area, the better.

An area where a semi truck and trailer can park to unload should include easy access to each side if possible. Reaching across the width of an 8′ trailer to try and lift a 2,000 pound load can be challenging.

The shipper will contact the receiver in advance of arrival to coordinate the delivery. Barn World will also forward the shipper’s information to ensure smooth communication and a seamless unloading.

cattle guard footings and foundations

Cattle Guard Quotes

We do ship these large and heavy foundations and cattle crossings throughout the US and can provide free quotes for delivery upon request. If you’d like one emailed, please let us know by emailing the quantities, sizes and delivery zip code and we’ll be able to forward a quote for your review, usually the same day.

If you have any questions about cattle guard installations or deliveries, please contact us and we’ll be happy to help.

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