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Barn World has a large selection of cattle guards to give you free vehicle access to your pastures while keeping your livestock contained. There are many different styles, sizes, ratings and options available and we detail some of them below.

cattle guard on concrete footings  cattle guard being removed from optional box

Private Driveway Cattle Guards

As an option for use on private land such as driveways and ranch entrances, we offer an economical option called the private use cattle guard.

These are built with an estimated load-carrying capacity of 12 tons per axle, plenty for fully loaded semis and typical farm and ranch equipment.

They’re made with round top pipe welded to a steel c-channel below that transfers the weight of crossing vehicles to the ground below. They’re available with many options including:

  • wings to tie the fence line to the guard
  • removable box so it can be removed from the site or easy cleaning
  • integral box, welded to the guard so it can rest directly on the ground
  • available in 6′ or 8′ in the direction of travel and may be bolted together

When you need a gate-less entry for your ranch or driveway, this is the most common and economical way to go!

Rated Cattle Guards

An HS-20 rating is required when installing a crossing in a public roadway. This is a 16 ton per axle load-carrying engineered design. It’s a very common certification used throughout the US for highways and public roads

We offer the HS20 Rated Cattle Guards in both Round and Flat Top Rail designs.

Below are the American Association of State Highway Transportation Officials load rating classifications. This organization represents the highway and transportation departments for all 50 states and creates a comprehensive industry standard for public road projects.

Cattle Guard Load Ratings

Click any one of the links above to be taken to the appropriately rated cattle guard on our site. Please let us know if you have any questions.

Cattle Guards Options

Not every site has the same needs. Some need to allow high speed traffic to cross and will want a ‘flat top rail’ design. Others are in very remote areas with low traffic and can use the boxed guard shown below. This design allows it to sit directly on the ground and have dirt ramps on either end for vehicle crossings.

The opposing option is the ‘removable box’. It’s not the best name for this feature as the box stays, but the guard is removed. This allows the box to preserve the surrounding site and keeps it from being disturbed. If you lift the guard out, cleaning underneath is a lot easier.

boxed cattle guard for laying directly on the groundcattle guard removable box option

Snow plow strips

Plow strips are added as shown below for areas that use snow plows. The strips are welded to the top allow the plow to glide across without clipping across the top of the rails. The plow operator sure appreciates the smoother crossing and it can help minimize wear and tear on the plow and guard.

plow strips on a cattle guard

Whatever your particular need is, there’s a cattle crossing solution for you. Please let us know if you have any question or if we can help select a livestock guard for your site.

We can also email quotes with shipping right to your site.  Just email or call anytime: 720.238.2190.


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