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Barn World Has HS20 Certified Cattle Guards for Public Roads
Barn World makes superior HS20-rated cattle guards for public roads and highways. Our HS20-rated cattle guards are made from schedule 40 steel and come in a variety of sizes to fit various cattle guard projects. We can alter the design of our cattle guards to use different kinds of pipe and rail depending on your needs. We have used round pipe, square rail, I-beam, and other types of rail and channel to make rated cattle guards that are suitable for all public crossings.
Barn World HS20-rated cattle guards conform to AASHTO load rating requirements by type of truck and maximum axle load. Our rated cattle guards come with an engineer’s stamp and are certified to meet the AASHTO load ratings so you can feel confident that you are getting the best quality cattle guard. Call Barn World with your questions and plans to get quotes on HS20-rated cattle guards at 720-238-2190.

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Cattle Guards for Public Roads require a Barn World HS20 Certified Cattle Guard

For superior HSHS20-certified cattle guards, visit  We offer the necessary cattle guard certifications and strong cattle guards made from schedule 40 steel.  They come in a large variety of sizes to fit almost any project you may be involved in.

Used primarily for livestock control, they can offer a strong deterrent to deer if placed side-by-side to form 12a ‘ or more barriers to the direction of travel and other animals as well.  Please note that we do not recommend cattle guards for horses, goats, or dogs as they simply are not effective.  Horses can get a leg broken in them and goats, dogs, and other sure-footed animals will be able to cross the cattle guard.

Cattle guards can be made from different types of piping depending on our livestock control needs.  We can use round 3-1/2″ or 4-1/2″  pipes or square pipes for the top rail.  Typically the larger and more round the pipe that is used on top, the more of a deterrent it is for livestock.  A 4-1/2″ pipe will have a greater curve and provide a more unstable footing for a daring animal.  It will also have a larger gap between the pipes making it much more difficult to cross.  The smaller 3-1/2″ pipe will still keep livestock off of your cattle guard and will provide a smoother rider for crossing vehicles.  The same is true for the flat pipe.  It will offer a very smooth ride when crossing but isn’t the strongest deterrent.

Every HSHS20-rated cattle guard is certified to conform to the load rating requirements provided by the American Association of State Highway Transportation Officials or AASHTO.  They spell out the requirements and suitable load ratings for all highway-rated cattle guards.   All of our rated cattle guards come with the engineer’s stamp to pressure at you’re installing an AAAASHTO-certified cattle guard.

For more information on cattle guards and cattle guard installation, please visit the informational website: or give us a call at (720) 238-2190 and we’ll be glad to help.  Don’t forget, Barn World offers a large selection of livestock equipment and livestock supplies for all of your farm and ranch needs.

cattle guard styles

cattle guard styles


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