ATV Cattle Guards

Not all cattle guards are designed for cars and trucks. The new ATV Cattle Guard is a unique design that’s built specifically for your off road vehicle to cross. It’s a simple drop-and-go installation that doesn’t require any digging. Connect your fencing to the uprights and you’re done!

cattle guard with an atv crossing it

The drive-over surface area is 6′ in width and can accommodate Gators and Kubot’s. We are able to build custom crossings for four place ATVs if needed. The ramp is only 14″ tall, but for the (4) person machines, we make it a bit longer and not quite as tall to prevent bottoming out. The longer wheelbases require a ‘stretched’ ramp design.

The standard two place guard has an elevated ramp to deter animals from crossing. A word of warning though, animals should not be allowed to try and pick their way through the bars. It is possible the could get tangled up in the structure and have trouble getting out. The look of the design is usually all that is need to persuade them from going need the guard.

Construction and Design

This one-piece livestock barrier weighs 300 pounds and is 50″ high when measured from the ground to the top of the wings. The ramp itself offers a generous interior driving area of 75″ in width while measuring near 100″ wide overall.  The entire length from front to back is 91 inches.

The entire structure is over-built with SQUARE, 1-1/2″ tubing in 11 gauge steel. It’s finished in a gray enamel and is built to sit directly on the ground.

Cattle Guard Details:

  • Length from outside to outside length is 91″
  • Overall Width Measurements:- Interior (drive-able area) 75″, Outside 100″
  • Height of ramp is 14″
  • Top of wings on each side is 50″
  • Constructed with 1 1/2″ x 11 gauge square tubing
  • Standard finish is a gray enamel
  • Weight is 300 lbs
  • A larger, 4 seat size is available on request


This livestock barrier couldn’t be easier to install. To begin, find the section of fencing where you’d like to have drive-over access. Cut the fence line and level the ground as best you can. A bed of crushed gravel may help drainage and settling issues.

Move the guard into place and set it on the ground. Once stable, re-attach your fencing to the center upright posts and you’re done. You may now freely cross in your ATV without stopping for a gate!

Post Installation Suggestions

Some simple set up before setting the guard in place can provide long-term benefit down the road.

Surface Preparation

Make sure the area is as level as possible. The weight of the vehicle crossing over multiple times can cause it to ‘creep’ down a hill and out of position. A level site will help keep it in place as it won’t have a slope to pull it in that direction.

Placing a bed of crushed gravel beneath can assist with drainage. Standing water is not good for steel and can compromise the footing of the crossing. Mud will slowly absorb the supports and allow the guard to sink into the ground. The lower the barrier, the less effective if will be at deterring animals. Assisting the drainage of water is a great help in prevent both of these potential problems.

Weeds are another nuisance if left undisturbed. As with any pasture, the growth of high grasses can conceal the presence of the 14″ tall ramp. Even though it’s 91″ long, if covered by weeds, it’s much less of a deterrent and more of a trap.  Keep it clear of grasses and just the sight of the guard will keep livestock away.


The pictures below tell the whole story of how easy and straight forward this barrier is. Set in place, attach your fence line and enjoy unfettered access to your pastures on your ATV.

cattle guard built for atvs on the ground

cattle guard for atv crossings

Barn World has heavy-duty cattle guards necessary for all road projects and now carries this simple and easily installed ATV Cattle Guard too.

Call Barn World today at (720) 238-2190 to get a quote with shipping directly to your door or email us at


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