Crete-Heat Insulated Floor Panels for Radiant Heat

Crete-Heat Insulated Floor Panels make the most of any radiant floor heating system. They make the PEX installation a breeze and provide not only insulation from the ground below, but also contain a built-in vapor barrier, all in one panel.

Crete Heat Floor Panels

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What is a Crete-Heat

Crete-Heat insulated floor panels are pre-engineered, modular panels designed to provide insulation for radiant floor heat in residential floors, garages, driveways, and commercial buildings. These panels are made of high-density expanded polystyrene foam (EPS), which is a lightweight and durable material that has excellent insulating properties.

The panels create a grid to hold PEX tubing in place and keep the heat from being lost into the ground.

There are quite a few benefits to using Crete-Heat insulated floor panels with radiant heating systems, but first some broad benefits of using Radiant Heat in your floor:

Radiant Heat Benefits

Improved comfort:

Radiant heating systems provide more stable temperatures when compared to traditional forced-air heating systems. This is because the heat is evenly distributed throughout the floor, creating a steadily warm environment throughout.

There is no blowing air that surges into the room that can dramatically rise the temperature until the blower shuts off.  As soon as the fan does stop, the air starts cooling and it’s only a matter of time before the thermostat kicks on the blower again to douse the room with hot air and continue the roller-coaster ride of temperate swings.

In contrast, the electric boiler provides heat to the PEX quietly and consistently to the PEX which heats the floor slab. The slab then silently radiates heat upward without any dramatic temperature swings in the room.

Energy efficiency:

The radiant heat is also more energy efficient when compared to forced-air heating systems because they operate at lower temperatures and do not require the use of ductwork. Crete-Heat panels are specifically designed to provide excellent insulation. It prevents heat loss into the ground and keeps it in the floor where it’s needed and designed to provide the most benefit.

Once you’ve realized the great properties of radiant heat, the use of insulated floor panels makes installation easy and maximizes your savings.

Ease of Installation

The panels are typically 2 feet by 4 feet in size, connect to one another with overlapping lips, and are available in insulating thicknesses of 1, 2, and 3 inches. Those thicknesses create insulating values of R-6, R-10, and R-15 respectively.

side view of a crete heat insulated floor panel for radiant heating

They are designed and cut to fit together like puzzle pieces making installation easy. Cutting the styrofoam panels to fit unique spaces is also straightforward.

Once installed, the panels provide a grid-like surface that contains 7/8” tall knobs to secure PEX tubing for design and also for pouring concrete. They may be walked on and PEX installation can be done with your foot as shown in the picture below. 

installing pex into a crete heat floor panel

There’s no need for the time-consuming and laborious task of suspending wires or using foam staples to hold the tubes in place. With the panels, the PEX is pushed into the knobs and held in place.

pouring concrete on insulated floor panels


Crete-Heat panels can be used in a variety of building types, including residential, commercial, and industrial buildings without the need for running ductwork. You can simply pour your concrete floor directly on the panels.

Cost Savings:

The panels are designed to maximize the cost savings on your heating bill. The insulating properties (R-6, R-10, and R-15) keep the heat from being lost to the ground and directed into the slab where it will radiate into the room.  The built in vapor barrier will protect against rising moisture.

Not to be overlooked, the grid that allows for the proper placement and spacing of PEX tubing also allows for an evenly spaced design to put the heat right where you want it. You don’t need to measure to keep the PEX perfectly separated for an even distribution of heat. The knobs do it for you!

Crete Heat Floor Panels with pex installed

These insulated floor panels create an energy-efficient and comfortable heating solution for a house, workshop, or even driveway.

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