Small Animal Livestock Scale System

Small Animal Livestock Scales are useful for tracking weights and overall health of all types little guys weighing under 500 pounds. See if they’re growing and gaining the weight they should and maintain those healthy weights.

dog standing on an animal scale platform

The low profile animal platform scale is a convenient, compact and portable system that has a high 500 lbs capacity and with it’s open sides, it’s easy to weigh almost anything.

It has unparalleled weighing performance, with the advantages of a low profile entry and exit and is very affordable.

Standard features include having the weight displayed in pounds or kilograms, a weight hold feature, the stable weight indicator and an auto power off to extend battery life.

The scale has an internal rechargeable battery and of course it includes a user instruction manual .

A rubber slip-reducing mat is included with each unit as well as a display bracket for mounting the indicator to a desk or wall.

An Animal Platform Scale

A great alpaca scale, goat scale and even dog scale, this low profile and very portable scale is very versatile. The 22″ x 42″ stainless steel platform scale is calibrated to a .2 pound accuracy in a digital readout. The weighing capacity is 550 lbs and the scale includes a choice of power from a rechargeable batter or an AC adapter. Both are included with purchase.

The scale also comes with a removable rubber mat and a one-year manufacturer’s warranty.

Scale Details

  • Accurate and reliable
  • “Hold” feature for unstable loads like animals or large packages
  • Stainless steel or mild steel weight platform
  • 550 lb x 0.2 lb (250 kg x 0.1 kg) capacity
  • Rechargeable battery or AC powered
  • Auto power off
  • Easy to operate
  • Compact and light weight

The lower profile animal platform scale is portable and affordable. Take care of all your small animals and weight almost anything with this

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