A hog scale ensures healthy weight gains

Keeping track of your hog weight and overall health shouldn’t present a challenge. A lot of times we put off weighing as it can be a time consuming chore and we become too complacent with our health records. With a hog scale, you can track weight gains and monitor the efficiency of your feeding regiment. A quality animal scale can monitor overall health in a calm and safe environment.

hog scale in green with a digital display
Most everyone in the hog industry knows of the importance of a good hog feeder. Using an on-demand feed flow feature to eliminate standing feed helps maximize feed efficiency. Eliminating waste is one of the largest cost savings available when raising animals.

A hog scale allows you to measure gains and when compared to the amount of feed used, create an efficiency standard for your operation. Scales can be used to help determine the overall health of your animals and allow you to track their progress through the growing season.

Hog Scale Details

Osborne has been an industry leader in livestock equipment for years. They make top-of-the-line feeders and a fantastic hog scale that’s used throughout the country.

A Confined Weigh Station Will Calm Your Animal

In order to get the most accurate weight possible, a calm, stationary animal is ideal. As we know, that doesn’t happen very often. Osborne has built a confined area scale designed specifically for pigs and hogs.The platform is enclosed with solid sidewalls and easy entry and exit gates for a smooth operation. They are available in either standard side opening or center opening designs.

Side Opening Gate Feature

hog scale with side opening gates

The platform is designed to reduce bouncing and is entirely cable free. There is an option of side or center opening doors for both entry and exit for easy access.

Once on the platform, your animals will calm and wait to be released.  While doing so, you can easily weigh them in a safe environment. Below are pictures of a hog and a sheep using the scale. The scale is available in 18” or 24” widths to work with almost any type of small animal.

hog being weigh on an animal scale   sheep on a hog scale

Wheel Kit Option for Portability

The scales are available with an optional wheel kit. This simple addition allows the 5 foot long scale to be moved up and down alleys with the simple pull of the lever to put it on the wheels. No longer will you have to herd your animals to the scale, simply bring the scale to them.

hog scale wheel kit


Scale Display Options

As part of the kit, you may use the large, mechanical dial for economical and easy to read display. The dial includes hydraulic dampening and can be read from great distances if needed.

Scale Display Options

hog scale mechanical indicator   hog scale digital indicator

There is also a digital display option that uses an LCD readout. It allows displays in pounds or kilograms, has a constant auto-zero for resets and comes with the industry standard RS232 port. This port allows you to connect directly to your computer or printer for quickly recording weights.

No mater how large your operation, a scale is an invaluable tool to get the most out of your feed and monitor your animal’s health.

We do ship throughout the US. Please let us know if we can prepare a quote for one of these wonderful hog scales for you.






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