Poly Stock Tanks / Wading Pools

These high-tech poly stock tanks are made from polyethylene to make them extremely durable and rust free.  No more dents or corrosion as the unique design creates a flexible water tank designed to last under all conditions.  The lack of metal with plastic containment means feedlot and confinement acids can't eat away at the walls and the one-piece rotational molding process creates a seamless and uniform wall thickness which means no thin corners, edges or seams for leaking.  Safe for all livestock (cattle, horses, pigs etc), a hog drinker (click here) may be installed on the round or round end tanks.

All come with a two-year warranty!

Round End Poly Stock Tanks

Item #: Round End Poly Tanks

Round Poly Stock Tanks - Hastings

Item #: Round Poly Tanks

Round Poly Stock Tanks - Sioux Steel

Item #: Round Poly Tanks

Secondary Containment / Poly Stock Tank - Hastings

Item #: Conatinment and Rectangular Poly Tank

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