Scalex Mite and Lice Spray for Birds

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  • This is a convenient way to spray your birds or cages for mites or lice.
  • Comes in 1 quart spray bottle
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    The Q&A on this Product
    QUESTION:  Is scalex safe fo use on laying hens? Will the eggs be safe to eat?
    ANSWER:  Yes, you can use Scalex on laying hens.
    QUESTION:  How do you treat scaley leg mites "specifically"? With this product or just putting petroleum jelly on their legs?
    ANSWER:  VetRx is recommended for Scaly Leg Mites.
    QUESTION:  How do you treat scaley leg mites?
    ANSWER:  You can apply VetRx to their legs.
    QUESTION:  Hi There, My chickens have mites would this product work if I sprayed their legs? Thanks Anna
    ANSWER:  It might. If they have scaley leg mites you need to treat that ailment specifically.
    QUESTION:  Is this an organic product? Thanks
    ANSWER:  No, it is not organic.
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