Our New Livestock Equipment Promotional Video

Check out our new video for Barn World. We are here to answer all of your questions about cattle guards, cattle scales, and livestock supplies!

Cattle Guards

Cattle guards are the best solution for safely containing livestock without the use of gates. A properly installed cattle guard allows easy access through fence lines while keeping livestock secure.

We offer both flat top rails which is more comfortable for high speed areas, as well as the round top rails for maximum determinant. For heavy loads, we carry AASHTO ratings of H15, H20, U54 and U80. There’s also the more economical designs for private driveway use.

cattle guards sitting on concrete foundations atv cattle guard crossing round top rail cattle guard

Please let us know the needs of your project and we’ll be more than happy to forward a quote for your review.



We have a large selection of hay feeders, hog feeders, mineral feeders and everything from creep feeders to feed bunks. Making sure your animals have the necessary nutrients for healthy weight gains is essential and a proper feeder will keep them growing.

cattle hay feeder horse hay feeder pig and hog feeders cows eating from a mineral feeder


Farm and Ranch Supplies

We have a large selection of grain bins, sheepskin settle pads, farrier supplies and livestock working equipment. Please take a look at all of that we have the offer and let us know if we can answer any questions or forward a quote for your review.

Promotional Video

Below is a short promotional video that we’re working on. It’s a test of a new production system that we’ll use in the future.





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