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MTI-500WB Livestock Scale System
This highly durable scale is designed with simplicity, portability, and economy in mind. In just a few minutes the entire system can be setup and ready to weigh. The standard system includes two weigh bars with built in handles and 20′ of homerun cable, quick connector, a NEMA 4X stainless steel digital indicator with backlight, and 2-year warranty.

This fully portable system is commonly used for livestock weighing – simply place the bars under an existing squeeze chute or platform and your ready to weigh animals. Standard capacity is 2,500 lb per bar with a total system capacity of 5,000 lb. for the 33″ and 40″ lengths. Common uses include:

  • Livestock chute weighing system.
  • Used in Alley ways for Cattle, Hogs, Sheep.
  • Cattle scales
  • Chute scale
  • 5,000lb capacity floor scale – grain, hay and produce.
  • Used as portable weigh system (4-H, pasture to pasture, fairs and more.)


  • Easy access RS-232 communications port. (No more fumbling with hard to reach connectors.)
  • Quick Disconnect at Digital Indicator for easy removal. (Indicator can be stored indoors and attached when needed.)
  • Cable Quick disconnects at weigh-bar junctions. (Makes disassembly a snap.)
  • Rodent Resistant cabling. (No more critter induced cable problems.)
  • “Easy Mount” tabs on both the 33” and 40” weigh bar systems (Attach chutes and platforms with ease.)
  • Protective steel shields at cable & weigh bar junctions. (Protects connectors from damage from transporting system.)
  • Two Year warranty


  • Light Weight & Portable: Can be positioned to weigh easily, or store when not in use. Each Weigh Bar is fitted with an easy carry handle; this provides quick and easy setup and breakdown for total portability.
  • Low Profile: Less than 4″ high. Supplied in pairs. Total capacity of beams is 5000 pounds per pair in the 40″ and 33″ length.
  • Push Button Tare: Simple one button tare provides for the acquiring of the tare and subsequent display of Gross/Net Weight values.
  • Animal Motion Hold: Special software allows you to obtain an accurate weight even if the animal keeps moving on the scale.
  • Full Duplex RS-232 Port: The Full duplex RS-232 serial output provides on demand output to a printer, computer, or other compatible devices.
  • Simple Parts Weighing: Speed and Accuracy are combined with the simple on step counting function.
  • LCD High Resolution Display: Large easy to view .75″ high LDC backlit display.
  • Power: Comes with 6 V rechargeable battery and AC adapter


  • Construction: Carbon steel, high grade epoxy paint finish. Digital weight indicator is stainless steel NEMA 4X construction.
  • Weight sensors: Two loaded cells per weight bar (each load cell 50 ohm)
  • Load Feet: 2 per bar, 3″ high capacity
  • Load cell Output: 3mV/V
  • Overload protection: 200%
  • End loading: 100%
  • Operating Temperature: 14 to 104 degrees F (-10 to 40 degrees C)
  • Interface Cable: 25ft cable included
  • Two load cellssumming boxes

Digital Indicator

  • Load Cell Excitation: +5VDC
  • Load Cell Current: Drives up to 4-350 ohm cells
  • A/D Resolution: 1:260,000 internal counts
  • Display Resolution: Selectable up to 50,000 counts
  • Key Functions: lb/kg, Zero, Net, Gross, Tare, Print
  • Enundiators: low battery, center zero, gross, tare, net, stable, pieces, pound, ounces, kilograms, and percent accuracy.
  • Power Requirements: 6 VDC or 9V AC adapter
  • Indicator Dimensions: 9.0″ x 5.5″ x 2.9″
  • Indicator Construction: Stainless Steel 304

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