Livestock blowers, livestock vacs and now EquineVac from Barn World

Barn World now carries EquineVac – The Ultimate in Horse Cleaning and Horse Grooming Ease, Convenience and Efficiency

Finding the perfect livestock vacuum cleaner for grooming horses is no longer a compromise. EquineVac is a sleek, upscale livestock grooming system, injection molded from hi-tech polycarbonate for a long lasting and durable, non-corrosive finish and competitively priced. And EquineVac has one feature no one can duplicate, the ability to flush-mount the system into a 2×4 wall or into a cabinet so that only 2 inches will protrude from the wall. Installation is so simple, anyone can do it, especially our surface-mount model which can be moved between stalls or other locations such as an RV, Horse Trailer LQ or Tack Room. All the tools and the 40 foot stretch hose are included in one low price.

Forget having to cart a canister across the floor of a grooming stall or wash rack, or strapping a unit to your back or shoulder. Instead of dragging a noisy appliance around your horse or large animal, just bring the high-performance vacuum action to where you’re working. With the scientifically developed and patented 40-ft long-reach hose, the vacuum unit can be conveniently installed out-of-the-way, letting you groom your horse in an efficient and safe environment.

Wall Mount Grooming System  Installs quickly and securely to a vertical surface. Includes all of the accessories shown above. Available in Red, White, Black or Gray.

Flush Mount Grooming System  Space-saving Installation recessed into a hollow wall.  Includes all of the accessories shown above.  Available in Red, White, Black or Gray.

For the best in livestock grooming.  Visit or call  (720) 238-2190, or email for more information or to place an order.

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