Cattle Guards add security and convenience to Livestock management

Barn World Cattle Guards offer livestock containment and peace of mind

Owning and running a ranch is a full time job.  It’s a 24 hour labor of love to raise and care for many animals at a time.  Moving around to feed and attend to your livestock requires access to pastures that must be able to contain and protect while allowing ease of access for equipment and vehicles.  A cattle guard is the perfect solution and they come in many different shapes and sizes to allow for most any type of use.

We do not recommend a cattle guard for all types of animals.

Horses and Small Hoofed Animals:

For some, they merely don’t work.  A goat or other small sure-footed hoofed creatures can trot right across the top of the rails, while for other hoofed animals, they provide a serious danger.  A horse, with it’s slender legs, can slide right down to the bottom of the vault where it exposes the weakest part of the leg to the steel rail.  With their instant flee from danger mindset, they can panic and struggle to get out and quickly break a leg.  We strongly recommend only using a gate to contain equine.
Deer are agile creates with small hoofs and we do see cattle guards work as an effective deterrent.  With their ability to jump large distances effortlessly, we typically install at least a 12 foot barrier, with 16 feet being an ideal distance to discourage them from jumping across.  To get that kind of depth, two guards are bolted together doubling the width of the ‘Texas Gate’ in the direction of vehicular travel.

Cattle Guards and Non-hoofed Animals

The working mechanism of this popular deterrent is that a hoof, when placed on a curved surface, does not allow an animal to properly balance it’s weight on the leg.  That, along with the limited depth perception in cows, provides a strong and seemingly impossible barrier to hoofed animals.  Those with padded feet have the ability to balance on the rounded pipe as their point of contact is flexible and allows for the transfer of weight onto a surface that can balance on the cattle guard.  As such, dogs, cats, coyotes and other ‘soft-footed’ four-legged friends can simply walk across.  A gate would be the best option to stop these guys.


Types of Cattle Guards

Barn World offers several types of cattle guards for private, commercial, public highway and heavy duty offroad equipment use. We comply with city, county, and/or state regulations.

Whether it’s called a Texas gate or a cattle guard, Barn World has the variety and selection needed to complete your project.

Private Use Cattle Guards

Private use cattle guards are perfect for farm and ranch use and for access areas where the total axle weight is up to 10 tons.  Semi trailers, tractors and large farming equipment are perfect for this type of guard.

Boxed style cattle guards

are designed to sit on flat ground. Gravel underlayment is recommended for drainage of these cattle guards. In many cases these boxed cattle guards are used for wheel washes in construction sites


Flat style cattle guards

designed to be mounted on cement footings


All cattle guards can withstand the weight of full tractor-trailer loads.
These cattle guards are constructed with an approximate gap of 4″ between each pipe.
Due to availability of pipe, cattle guards will be built with either 9 pieces of 4 1/2″ outside diameter pipe, or 11 pieces of 3 1/2″ outside diameter pipe and are 12-1/2″ tall.
There is no difference in strength between the boxed cattle guard and the flat styles of cattle guards.
These cattle guards are designed to accommodate full semi loads at 10 tons per axle.
Cattle guards weigh about 100 Lbs. per foot (a 10′ cattle guard weighs about 1,000 Lbs.). Add approximately 8 Lbs. per foot for boxed cattle guards and about another 200 Lbs. total for winged cattle guards.
To use for deer, you may need to place two cattle guards in tandem so you have 16 feet of protection. Cattle guards are easily bolted together and the extra depth will deter deer.
For a shipping quote, please send us an email with your destination zip code and quanitity or feel free to call the telephone number at the bottom of this page with any questions you may have about our cattle guards.
If you prefer, you may order your cattle guards online without the shipping total and we will forward the exact shipping cost for your review via email before processing your order.
A very important note: You must have equipment available to unload the cattle guards from the delivery vehicle when it arrives. The delivery truck will require you to unload the cattle guard with a loader or fork lift or some other means upon delivery.
Private use cattle guards are NOT built to exact dimensions and sizes may vary slightly.  Adding the removable box option will add about 7″ to the total length and width of the cattle guard. For example, a 12 foot cattle guard will be about 12′-7″.

Also see our unique ATV Cattle Guard:

For more information on cattle guards, installation or for help with any of your livestock supply needs, please visit today or call (720) 238-2190 and we’ll be happy to help.

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