Upright mineral feeder from Barn World

Barn World’s upright mineral feeder is the most durable in the industry.

Upright Mineral Feeder Specifications:

  • Beveled hood opening is 28” x 24” – big cattle, even horned cattle, feed easily.
  • Mineral Feeder has Low center of gravity for stability.
  • Top of tub is 23” from the ground so calves can gain easy access.
  • Aerodynamic mineral feeder hood and wind vane aids directional control.
  • Full 360° rotation protects expensive supplements from the elements.
  • The 48” x 48” tubular base frame is constructed of 2” 16 gauge, 50,000 psi steel tubing for strength and stability.
  • Handles only liquid insecticide.
  • 74 lbs.

  • Barn World also carries replacement parts for the upright mineral feeder.  Visit Barn World today for all your livestock equipment needs.
  • Hog Feeders

    BarnWorld offers a wide selection of hog feeders for the modern hog farm. We have both gravity feed pig feeders and ration style hog feeders that minimize wasted feed. In addition, we have many different sizes of hog feeders to accommodate the different needs of nursery pigs, grower pigs, and finishing pigs. Hog feeder sizes range from 2 bushels to 90 bushels and come in indoor and outdoor options. All BarnWorld hog feeders are made from materials that are impervious to acids from hog waste and will last and last.

    Supreme Hog Feeder

    The 40 bushel, 60 bushel and 80 bushel offer:

    • Advanced scalloped trough design saves feed.
    • 12 large openings “natural” to hog anatomy.
    • Keeps feed in the feeding zone where hogs can get to it.


    • Long-lasting trough is heavy galvanized 12 gauge steel warranted.
    • Largest feed-saver fange on the market.
    • Strongest plastic door on the market.
    • Seamless spun steel top cover with reinforcement beads.
    • W-rod hinged top cover.
    • Polyethylene skid runners that never rust.

    Top-Crank Feed Adjustment:

    • Convenient top-crank feed adjustment with four rigid 5/8” adjustment tubes.

    All Sioux Supreme Feeders are available without top lid and/or doors.

    Barn World also offers the Big “O” Oscillating Feeder

    Choose the 15, 40, 65 or 90 bushel feeder

    Feeder will not rust, rot or corrode—hog lot and confinement pen acids have no effect.
    The Big “O” Oscillating Feeder Polyethylene Base will fit most sizes of feeders. An adapter ring is used to fit others.
    Do not throw away that old feeder with the rusted-out bottoms. Bolt the top half of your old feeder to a new big “O” polyethylene base. Save big dollars!!!

    Includes: Polyethylene base, trough a hopper, poly skids, painted steel supports, side feed adjustment.

    Add packages to bases (40 BUSHEL FEEDER 1 ROW, 65 BUSHEL FEEDER 2 ROW, or 90 BUSHEL FEEDER 3 ROW) to make complete feeders.

    Indoor Oscillating Nursery Feeder, Grower Feeder and Finishing Feeder

    The indoor feeders will manage 35-55 pigs.  You can see our entire selection of indoor feeders and livestock equipment at BarnWorld.com.