Choosing a saddle pad – get a great 5 Star saddle pad at Barn World

Barn World offers 5 Star Saddle Pads


5 Star saddle pads made from 100% wool are a two piece construction to ensure the best contour to your horse’s back as quickly as possible.  There is no breaking-in period, these saddle pads are comfortable and effective from day one.

Eliminating spinal pressure on your horse or mule is the benefit of the two piece design.  It provides a great fit for you saddle without compensating with over-cinching.  Your horse or mule will love this unique feature and you’ll notice the attention to detail as each saddle pad is handmade to order.

There are a lot of different riding disciplines out there and selecting the proper saddle pad for your type of riding is important for the best in fit and performance.

Western Contoured Saddle Pad
Made right here in the USA, these and all 5 Star saddle pads are 100% wool.  You may choose from as thin as 1/2″ to the very thick 1-1/8″ pad.  Every pad is made in all four colors and offer a choice of embroidery and standard leathers in four different colors.

Western Contoured Saddle Pad

Mule Saddle Pads
Fitted for a mule, jack and donkey’s back line, these 100% wool saddle pads are made for flatter backs, withers and the thick shoulders of these animals.  They also come in all four colors, offer embroidering and your choice of four different colors of standard leathers.

Mule Saddle Pad

Barrel Racing Saddle Pads
If high performance is at a premium, a barrel racing saddle pad is a great fit.   It will keep your horse comfortable while performing at maximum effort and won’t let your saddle slip around on you as you go.  You may specify if you’d like the corner rounded on the front, back or both to fit your personal preference.  Four different colors of standard leather, embroidery options and four colors of saddle pad are also available to you on all saddle pads.

Barrel Racing Saddle Pad

English Saddle Pads
The English saddle pads provide the greatest comfort possible for both horse and rider when riding English.  They’re available for hunter/jumpers, dressage and all purpose riding as well.

English Saddle Pad

At Barn World, we have a large selection of saddle pads, cinches and breast collars.  Barn World is much more then livestock equipment!  Please visit or call (720) 238-2190 to help with all of your tack and livestock supplies.

Saddle Pads from Barn World – style for every type of riding

5 Star Wool Saddle Pads from Barn World


These 100% wool saddle pads offer the best protection for your horse and are specifically designed to contour to the shape of your horse or mule’s back immediately.

5 Star saddle pads are made with two pieces that help eliminate pressure on the spine and and provide a great saddle fit without over-cinching.

To get that great fit, each pad is made with detailed attention to hip placement, back-line and wither heights and creates the best fitting pad every time.  The contoured pad is a two-piece design that will conform to the shape of YOUR horse or mule.  This design has eliminated the need for ‘breaking-in’ a saddle pad for your ride as it fits most breeds of horses and mules right away.  This flexibility is what makes these saddle pads so special.

There are many different saddle pads styles to choose from and we have one to fit every style of riding.

Western Contoured Saddle Pad
These very popular saddle pads are handmade to order right here in the United States. They are 100% wool and range in thickness from the 1/2″ under pad to the extremely thick Supreme Roper Saddle Pad at 1-1/8″ thick. Every thickness is available in every color.

Western Contoured Saddle Pad

Mule Saddle Pads
Our 5 Star Mule pads are contoured  to fit the flatter back line of mules, donkeys and jacks and who traditionally have flatter withers, thicker shoulders.   All of the saddle pad styles can be made with the mule contouring.

Mule Saddle Pad

Barrel Racing Saddle Pads offer the best performance by keeping your saddle in place and your horse comfortable.  All saddle pads are available in round or square skirts and you may specify if you’d prefer one end rounded and the other square.  We also offer the option of your own personal style with hair on leathers and embroidery done to your design.

Barrel Racing Saddle Pad

English Saddle Pads conform to your horse to provide maximum comfortable for the horse and rider.  These saddle pads are available for dressage, hunter/jumper and all purpose riding.

English Saddle Pad

To view our large selection of saddle pads and find the right fit for your type of riding, please visit Barn World today or call (720) 238-2190.

Sheepskin saddle pads from Barn World – the best in equine saddle tack for horse and rider

Sheepskin saddle pads provide excellent comfort and performance for both horse and rider.  Sheepskin is used in almost any application where a premium is put on protection and comfort and equine tack and saddle pads are no exception.

Sheepskin equine pads offer over 3,000 fibers/sq inch and each of those fibers act together to provide a soft shock absorber to provide extreme comfort and wicking abilities as well as preventing from chafing or rubbing.  The provides cool and comfortable riding while protecting from unnecessary wear and discomfort on your horse.

Another benefit of a sheepskin saddle pad is that they are an insulator of static electricity that can be caused by friction when riding your horse.  It’s a natural byproduct of the riding environment and the motion of the horse and rider.

Saddle pads made of sheepskin also absorb sweat and can release it to the air more quickly than non-natural saddle pads.  It is inherently gentle on the skin and it contains lanolin.

Equine saddle pads made from sheepskin are easy to clean and dry by simply hanging in fresh air.

All-in-all, sheepskin saddle pads are an excellent fit for comfort and performance.

Visit Barn World today at to view our large selection of sheepskin saddle pads.

Barn World Post: Saddle Pad Cleaning for all 5 Star Saddle Pads

Barn World Post: Saddle Pad Cleaning – a necessity for clean equine tack

Cleaning your 5 Star saddle pad is quite easy as the pad is made from 100% wool and is extremely durable.  With standard care, your pad will last two thousand hours or more.

To being, get your saddle pad wet with clean water.  When you spot a soiled area, just rub in a circular motion with your fingers or a rubber curry comb.  You may use a gentle detergent to remove stubborn stains if necessary.  When finished, just hang  your pad and allow to dry.  It’s important to remember that the pad should not be laid on it’s back to dry.  You want to maintain the natural shape of the pad by avoiding leaving it upside down to dry.

It really is that easy.  The saddle pad is made with 100% wool using steam, heat and pressure to remove any concerns about distortion or shrinkage when you clean your own pad.

Maintaining Saddle Pads


You should periodically use a rubber fingered or flat curry comb with your 5 Star saddle pad cleaning sponge (free with every new pad) to prevent the hair and dirt from building up under the bottom of your saddle pad.  An occasional brushing will do the trick on your equine tack.  When using the sponge, use a circular motion on a dry pad and wipe the dirt and hair off of the sponge as it builds.

If you pad has a heavy build up of dirt and sweat, use the rubbered finger curry to loosen it up, but be gentle so you’re careful not to cut the felt.  As it comes up, use a vacuum to remove the grim and dirt from the saddle pad.

Keeping your saddle pad clean will allow it to breath and pull moisture away from your horses back.  Your saddle pad is one of your most important pieces of equine tack and should be kept clean for a great riding experience

This will keep the old hair and dirt from collecting and working it’s way into the pad.  This interferes with the ability of the pad to breath and pull moisture away from your horse’s back.


It should only be necessary to wash your equine tack saddle pad after around one hundred hours of use.  Of course, if your saddle pad begins to feel hard or ‘bulky’ on the shoulder or loin areas, it’s time to clean your tack.  When washing, avoid using soap as it may leave a residue that could irritate your horse.  When washing, move from the center to the outer edge of the pad in every direction.  A preferred method is to hang the pad by the gullet hole and rinse from the center outward.  As you go, you may want to rotate your saddle pad so the dirt will be carried away and you won’t be just soaking the pad.

PLEASE REMEMBER TO NEVER LAY YOUR SADDLE PAD FLAT TO RINSE IT OFF.  This will only push the sweat salts and dirt into the pad.  To dry, hang the pad by the gullet hole or lay over a rail to help maintain it’s natural shape and contours.  Never lay the saddle pad on it’s back as that’s the best way to help it lose it’s shape, will stretch the leather and may damage the lacing on the inside of the pad.

Once it’s dry, you may ‘loosen’ it back up by flexing the pad in the areas that may seem stiff.  This will also help restore the compression protection and loosen the felt up again to help breath and wick away moisture.

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