Barn World adds PolyDome products to line of livestock supplies



Barn World adds PolyDome products to line of livestock supplies

Tuesday, 10 July 2012 12:01
ShareThis, the online mega-store for livestock supplies like cattle guards and hay feeders, has expanded their already extensive selection to include PolyDome’s line of polyethylene plastic products.

PolyDome offers a wide selection of farm and ranch supplies including bulk grain bins, lick feeders, mineral feeders, calf nurseries, dog houses, duck houses and feeders.

The PolyDome calf nursery line is designed with superior ventilation to separate calves, promote healthy lung growth, prevent disease and allow the calf to develop to its fullest potential.

“ is always looking for better, animal friendly products and suppliers to increase the selection available to customers,” said Rob Moore, owner of Barn World. “Environmentally friendly, polyethylene products are the future of livestock supplies.”

“Greater selection helps customers get exactly what they need at a fair price. We are always available by phone to help customers choose the right size bulk grain bins, hay feeders, mineral feeders and cattle guards for the type of livestock they are working with.”

Polyethylene plastic is a great choice for livestock items. The material is impact resistant and can withstand both temperature extremes and corrosive chemicals.Polyethylene has an easy-to-clean, slippery surface and can be recycled. Products are mostly one piece with no sharp edges or seams to injure livestock. Polyethylene is also lightweight, making products easier to move and less expensive to ship.

The PolyDome bulk feed bins are particularly well suited to high moisture materials like corn and soybeans. end_mark

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Bulk Feed Bins from Barn World

Barn World offers a wide variety of Bulk Feed Bins

Now is the time to upgrade your feed bin.  Barn World not only offers a great selection cattle guards, livestock equipment and everything needed for your farm and ranch supply needs, but also is known for it’s great prices on bulk feed bins and bulk feed bin equipment and mini-feed bins

Barn World offers augers, poly boots and unloaders, hopper seam stiffeners, motors for augers, slide valves and taper hopper repair kits. Barn World also has the bulk feed bin erection manual online.

Horse Feeders

The possible reason that there are available lots of f horse feeders for foodstuff (hay) is that they all strive to resolve some common problems; animal wounding, major clean ups around feeders, spoilage and being waste.

Waste of foodstuff from horse feeders surely has to be considered as foremost concern from the cost viewpoint. Nobody is fond of spending for quality foodstuff and most people always try to find all the waste made by the horse themselves or by the weather.  Nobody gives much time, giving the right quantity of foodstuff to eat for the horses who are starving for to remove waste.

Wastage from the horses themselves is sting due to the nature and quantity of the wastage in that it gets trodden and that has to be cleaned-up again and again in region of horse feeders.

In so far as wounding runs from feeders, it is very aching and traumatic to witness a horse trapped in a feeder and one definitely wants to omit that possibility.

Horse feeders must be simple to handle, light-weighted and preservation free, almost durable and should add to a healthier societal behavior of the horses in the area of the feeder.

Keeping all the above stated points into consideration; there are different types of Horse feeders available: –

Hay Hopper Round Bale Feeder

A hay hopper round bale feeder aids one to save money by eradicating waste made by horses themselves.  If one is at present making use of a round feeder then he might be dropping 10% of his hay.  If the cost of hay is $100 / ton and one feeds 2,000Ibs each day one might be dropping $300 each month or $10 each day and upto $3,600 each year in just hay.  The cost of this horse feeder will be just about $150 – $250 each to send to the neighboring 48 states.

Closed Bottom Hay Feeder

It comes in the size of 1 5/8” x 16 gauge and with closed bottom.  There is a steel shield which is joined to frame and able to hold loose silage and hay.  It has slant bars, 15 feed openings and prairie gold powder finish coat.

Double Slant Feeder

It is 8’dm at the bottom, which tapers to 6’7” at the top and aids to less silage waste.  This exclusive design lets bale be held straight while it is fed.  It has 48” height and available with 210lbs weight, and 2’ frame, 1 5/8” slant bars as well.

Feed Bunks

A feed bunk is a strong steel frame and has electro animated metal hopper which is placed for hard use.  It converts to horse feeder within few minutes with elective hay rack.  The dimensions of the feed bunks are 10’x2’x26’ and it also allows eliminating waste.

Hay Max 8’ Round Closed Bottom Hay Feeder

It helps omitting waste as it comes in clogged bottom silage feeder with the Cone feeder slot in.

Hay Cradle and Hay Max Square Feeder

Hay Max would operate with greatest use of value baled hay in square or round.  This unique design even offers for feeding evenly. The Bale is usually suspended in the cone to omit ground contact.  It is reliable, sturdy and solid construction that offers longevity of use and comes in 7’-7” square.

Heavy duty skirted Round Bale Feeder

It is 1 ½ 14ga square tubing rings and 48” tall, and red oxide primer finish as well.

Horse Combo

It comes in various sizes such as 4’x6’ horse combination, 6’x6’ horse combination and 8’x6’ horse combination.  It is 6’ tall and 45” wide and 16ga double V steel trench as well as 1” 16ga round tubing hay frame.

Horse Hay Feeder

A horse hay feeder has close bottom and has 8’ diameter feeds for any type of hay which comes in loose or baled that fits most of the bale sizes small or large, square or round.  The corners of horse hay feeder are 9”x20” rounded and all downy frames shelter horses’ manes and necks.

Horse Round Bale Feeder

Horse Round Bale Feeder is a 1” 16ga2 tubing rings and 1” 16ga round tubing scaffolds. It has green enamel finish.

Similarly there are many other horse feeders such as O’Neill Bale Feeder, Open Bottom Hay Feeder, Optional Hay Rack and many more available that enable to eliminate waste.

All the horse feeders which are available in the marketplace, many of them are of quite good quality but are not able to solve all the problems related to hay feeding.  Many of them are not weather confined, nor put off spoilage and waste.  However, few of them are very heavy duty and can not be moved easily. Some need oxidation and preservation otherwise they get to be hazardous.

As all horse feeders tend to resolve the same troubles and all do not fairly achieve something, there is a requirement for a entirely new idea, a new vision for horse feeders.

Hay Feeders

The major trouble with feeding hay outer surface to animals is that they love to throw hay around their feeder areas, make the use of hay as bedclothes and ruin it and as one becomes familiar with certainly it is a big misuse of hay particularly if one pays for quality hay.  Besides this, to make things worse, all that wasted, compacted and spoiled hay has to be cleared-up in the region of feeder or around feeder area as well as, waste and spoilage from all climatic circumstances has to be used in making hay feeders for animals.

For sure an answer to this trouble would be to give to eat only the quantity of hay that one’s animals are starving for at the time of having silage.  Thus, they would have it all and would not spoil or waste any and it also involves a person to be around when required, good climate or not.  Because most of the people wish to have leisure time to a great extent there is a requirement for unique feeding techniques where the silage could reside in the hay feeder when there is no requirement and would be kept secluded from snow, sun and rain. In this manner one can go from feeding a small number of times a day to a small number of times a month. So there are some hay feeders available that allow one to feed animals devoid of any waste of hay or silage:

Big Animal Hay Feeder

It is made for handling huge animals like dairy cows and bulls and enables to feed with comfort under top rung.
It has 8 ½ ft, stat bar and openings of 15 feed.  It is manufactured from 2”16 gaugex50, 000 psi tubing.
It is available with the Hay saver shield that measures 1 5/8”x16 gauge and having soft fit shelter for security.
It is a prairie gold power coat end.

Bunk Feeder Hayrack Assembly

It is a strong steel frame bunk and has an electro galvanize metal hopper which places up to hard use.
Bunk Feeder Hayrack Assembly is the only rack assembly.

Closed Bottom Hay Feeder

This is the hay feeder, the bottom of which is closed and works as a hay saver that comes in the size of 1 5/8”x16 gauge.

The Steel screen is joined to frame.  The opening of this hay feeder is 15 feed and has slant bars, and it has plain gold power coat end as well.

Double Slant Hay Feeder

It is 8”in diameter in the bottom and helpful to save the wastage of hay.
It has 2” frame with 1 5/8” slant bars and it is available in 210lbs weight and 48” height.
It is erected from 2”16 gaugex50, 000psi tubing and is plain gold powder coated.

Feed Bunks

It has two sizes one is 10” and another one is 12”.
Feed Bunk is a steel frame and has the electro galvanized hopper which is required for hard use.
It can be converted to the hay feeder within few minutes with possible Hay Rack.
The dimensions of Feed Bunks is 10’x2’x26’ and 12’x3’x26’ respectively.

Hay Max Square Feeder (Bottom) Frame Only

Hay Max would maximize the usage of quality hay – square or round.
This unique make offers for even hay feeding.
Bale is hanged up in cone in order to omit ground contact.
It is sturdy, reliable and solid construction offers long durability of use.
It is plain gold powder coat end.

Heavy Duty skirted Round Bale Feeder

It is built to endure the bull’s abuse.
It has 1 ½ 14ga2 tubing rings and 48” tall.
It has Red oxide primer finish.

Heavy Duty Skirted Round Hay Feeder

It is also built to endure the bull’s abuse.
It has 1 ½ 14ga2 tubing rings and having 18” heavy steel skirt and 48” tall.

Open Bottom Hay Feeder

It has 1 5/8”x16 gauge frame.
It is light-weighted, sturdy and outlasts steel and limits the hay waste.
It has plain gold powder coat finish.

Besides these, there are some other hay feeders available like O’Neill Bale Feeder, Horse and Cattle Feeder, Horse Round Bale Feeder, Horse Hay Feeder and many more.

An effectual hay feeder shall reduce the costs for people who pay for hay; it will surely reduce the effort for those people who cultivate their own silage.  Most of the hay users guess that a smaller amount of 30 percent and upto 40 percent of hay could be spoiled both by the weather conditions and horses.

Other problems like cutting of animals caused by the hay feeders and a nice societal conduct at the hay feeder must also be kept into contemplation.

Luckily, the existing hay feeders keep the silage in the feeder secluded from the climate conditions.  It is entirely secure as far as hazard of cutting in animals is concerned and it significantly improves societal behavior in the region of hay feeder. On the whole, these hay feeders would save an extensive amount of effort, time, money and hay.