Electric Fence Netting

Barn World now offers electric fence webs and netting for poultry, goats and sheep. Installing an electric fence can be a very effective way to control livestock and help preserve your fencing.

electric fence warning sign in yellow

Webs are superior for smaller animals over standard wire or poly tape. The animals cannot put their heads through the webbing in the way they can with a standard fence and are much less likely to be shocked. The netting is also excellent for keeping predators away from your livestock.

The Electro-Web netting is excellent for deterring such predators as dogs, coyotes and raccoons. They come in your choice of 33 or 42 inches tall and in white, green or orange. The 42 inch webs are tall enough for goats, horses, cows or llamas.

Electric Fence Web Kit

  • 14 PVC posts with 7″ spikes
  • 165 feet long
  • 13 anchor ground stakes
  • 5 corner guy cords with stakes
  • Repair kit with extra material
  • Installation instructions

The web is one of the mots effective forms of behavior control for your livestock. It creates a natural reaction from the surprise and ‘shock’ (no pun intended) that makes for a lasting negative impression when coming close to the fence. The web design creates a complete barrier that provides protection to anything behind it.

It doesn’t matter how strong or ‘bull-headed’ your most ornery creature is, it will respect the netting after coming into contact with it. It won’t harm your animal but will keep them away from what you’re protecting with respect.

Additional items you available to complete your system include a fence charger and a grounding rod.

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