Bottomless Stock Tanks

bottomless stock tank
With these high summer temperatures, it’s crucial that your cattle always have access to water and stay hydrated. Cattle drink 9-15 gallons of water a day and require a continuous supply of clean water to stay healthy. Providing a sustainable solution to keep that much water available for a large herd can be a challenging task, especially in remote areas where infrastructure is limited or non-existent.  Enter the bottomless stock tank – a very large tank for containing and providing enormous amounts of water for large herds of animals. 

What is a bottomless stock tank?

A bottomless stock tank is a specialized livestock water tank designed to utilize a water source such as a well or spring to provide large amounts of water to large groups of animals. The tank is constructed with a series of curved wall sheets typically made from galvanized steel which are bolted together to form a circle, usually 15′ to 33′ in diameter.  
bottomless stock tank wall sheet
a single curved wall sheet
The wall heights are kept fairly low, 25″-33″, so most animals, and especially cattle of different ages will have easy access to drink. The large diameters allow for massive amounts of water to be held and capacities can go upwards of 12,000 gallons! As the name states, the tank does not have a solid bottom but typically holds water one of three ways: with an optional tank liner, by preparing the underlying soil with limestone, or by setting it in concrete. All of these methods create a bottom for the tank and each can be quite handy when installing a remote area.

Remote Area Use

Bottomless stock tanks are well-suited for areas in remote areas where frequent refilling is not possible or desired. Their large capacity design makes them a popular choice for farmers and ranchers in remote regions or in areas where water infrastructure is limited. The large size allows for fewer trips when hauling and allows extra time for solar or wind pumps to catch up to water usage and depletion.   The corrugated steel rings are also easier to transport to a remote site than having multiple assembled tanks to create the same capacity. To provide over 10,000 gallons of water with traditional stock tanks would require many individual tanks and a lot more time and labor to fill each one separately.

Watering Herds

For ranchers with large herds, the logistics of watering can be daunting. Conventional water troughs are limited in capacity and need frequent refilling, leading to extra labor and time. These large-capacity tanks, however, offer a scalable solution for large groups of cattle. Providing a continuous flow of water to a tank that can hold enormous volumes of water ensures that every animal has access when they need it, regardless of the herd size. This translates to improved animal health and productivity, all while eliminating the time spent on filling and maintaining individual tanks.

Bottomless Tank Benefits

Large stock tanks are more than just a watering solution, they’re a game-changer when working with herds in remote areas or when wanting to limit your labor and time spent on filling individual tanks. For ranchers facing the challenge of providing water to their cattle in far-flung regions, or for use with large groups, investing in a bottomless stock tank can be invaluable in saving time and effort while providing a continuous water source for the herd. If you’d like a quote for a tank delivered right to your ranch, please contact Barn World and they’ll be happy to help!

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bottomless stock tank with a windmill

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