Sheepskin saddle pads from Barn World – the best in equine saddle tack for horse and rider

Sheepskin saddle pads provide excellent comfort and performance for both horse and rider.  Sheepskin is used in almost any application where a premium is put on protection and comfort and equine tack and saddle pads are no exception.

Sheepskin equine pads offer over 3,000 fibers/sq inch and each of those fibers act together to provide a soft shock absorber to provide extreme comfort and wicking abilities as well as preventing from chafing or rubbing.  The provides cool and comfortable riding while protecting from unnecessary wear and discomfort on your horse.

Another benefit of a sheepskin saddle pad is that they are an insulator of static electricity that can be caused by friction when riding your horse.  It’s a natural byproduct of the riding environment and the motion of the horse and rider.

Saddle pads made of sheepskin also absorb sweat and can release it to the air more quickly than non-natural saddle pads.  It is inherently gentle on the skin and it contains lanolin.

Equine saddle pads made from sheepskin are easy to clean and dry by simply hanging in fresh air.

All-in-all, sheepskin saddle pads are an excellent fit for comfort and performance.

Visit Barn World today at to view our large selection of sheepskin saddle pads.


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