Sheepskin Saddle Pads – The Half Pad

Sheepskin Saddle Pads offer tremendous comfort and exceptional performance. All that with a naturally wicking and cushioning material that’s easy to clean. The combination of light weight and extreme comfort bring the two best qualities together in one pad.

The half pad design is a favorites of both casual and competitive riders and it’s available with a pommel or pommel and Cantle roll.

sheepskin saddle pad with pommel roll and blue quilting  sheepskin half pad with blue quilting and pommel and cantle rolls

Benefit of Sheepskin

These pads use Sheepskin that has over 3,000 fibers per every square inch. Each one has a fluffy, spring-like quality for the ultimate cushioning. This provides protection from rubbing, friction and potential sore spots.

The fibers are also able to collect moisture (sweat) and dissipate it into the air much more quickly than synthetic pads. This keeps your horse drier and cooler while riding.

The material is bacteria resistant and dries quickly and naturally. Washing with water and hanging to dry is a common cleaning method.

Sheepskin Saddle Pad Options

The popular half pads are available in three quilting colors: Blue, Black and White. It is available with Pommel and, or Cantle rolls. All of the designs are low-profile and light-weight for the best in performance and comfort.

Pommel Roll

The Pommel roll is a very common addition to the pad. Its forward position keeps the saddle from sliding forward. When you stop quickly or land after a jump, the momentum of your body and saddle is moving forward. This roll helps keep all that forward movement from sliding up on your hose keeps it centered on your pad.

Below are pictures of the pad with just the Pommel roll in blue, black and white.


Sheepskin Saddle Pads with Pommel Roll

sheepskin saddle pad with blue quiltingsheepskin saddle pad with black quilting sheepskin saddle pad with white quilting

Cantle Roll

The addition of the Cantle Roll adds even more saddle security to your ride. The Pommel Roll prevents forward movement while this one is added to prevent rearward movement.

During vigorous riding and when leaving the ground for a jump, your saddle and weight will be forced backward as your horse accelerates. This motion puts pressure on the saddle to slide backward. The roll on the back of the pad helps keep it in place.  When combined with a Pommel Roll, both forward and rearward movements are minimized.

Below are pictures of the half pad with both rolls in blue, black and white:


Sheepskin Saddle Pads with Pommel and Cantle Rolls

sheepskin half saddle pad with blue quilting and pommel and cantle rolls  black quilted sheepskin saddle pad with cantle and pommel rolls  white sheepskin saddle pad with pommel and cantle rolls

How to Clean a Sheepskin Saddle Pad

One of the great benefits of riding with sheepskin is the ease of cleaning. The sheepskin itself is made up of tiny fibers that are easily cleaned with either just water or with mild soap.

We don’t recommend using a washing machine with an agitator as it’s not necessary and may damage or deform the pad itself. You may simply hose it down, use a light massage to remove any dirt  or sweat marks and lay out to dry.

Once dry, a slight fluffing will reset the fibers and provide the cushioning and wicking abilities for your next ride.

If you have any questions about the half pad or the care of your sheepskin, please let us know. Click the following link to see all of our Sheepskin Saddle Pads and let us know if we can help with anything at all!

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