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Barn World, your best source for equine tack, is proud to offer the best quality saddle pads and cinches available.  5 Star saddle pads and cinches are hand made to order and offer French Contouring to ensure a proper fit for your horse or mule.  The unique saddle pad design allows it to conform to your horse’s back and provide the best fit for equine performance and comfort.

We are so impressed with the 100% wool saddle pads and simplicity of design, that we believe everyone could benefit from using them.


Saddle Pad Videos:


“A lot of gimmicks can be strapped under a saddle to get one benefit or another, but man has yet to create a product that outperforms virgin wool, and over the long haul, virgin wool content felt pads will outperform any other type of pad or blanket hands down. 5 stars 100% percent wool contoured saddle pads conform immediately to your horse’s back for perfect fit. Our F-11 wool felt has the highest virgin wool content available and offers 3 times more compression protection and wicking ability than any other pad on the market. While the importance of compression protection is pretty clear given the dominance of rubber, bubble wrap and space age jelly saddle pads today, only high quality wool felt offers great compression protection while simultaneously wicking away moisture. That wicking action is the means by which heat is dissipated under the pressure of the saddle. The best compression protection, coupled with the best wicking ability, translates to the best performance from your equine partner. When you consider the amount of money one might spend on feed, tack, vet bills and entry fees to pursue your equine passion, a saddle pad with all the ingredients for maximum performance is essential. While the big ships full of cheap goods leave a toxic trail all the way from Los Angeles to China and back, 5 Star is producing the highest quality products right here in the USA.”

From Mike:  “In the last 20 years the industry has come up with using every conceivable kind of thing out of the auto industry and space industry that was never intended for use in horses. Everything from gels to foams to freezer linings all of these have zero or next to nothing as far as good quality and compression protection and absolutely zero in wicking ability and the agents that are needed for wicking sweat and heat away from the horses back. Pressed industrial felt is the only thing that has really been proven over time to have the high quality wicking ability and high compression ratio for horses. 5 Star has 3 times the compression ratio of any other pad on the market and has 2 times the wicking ability of any close competitor in the felt industry as far as pads are concerned. So why is 5 Star so good? 5 Star uses the highest quality virgin wool content in their felt. Only through the use of high-quality virgin wool, can you have a high-quality compression ratios and the high wicking quality you can get. Add to that,5 Stars established French curve that will fit any horse backline that settles in to create high-quality performance. 5 Star is a pad that will last forever, kind of like an old sweater that you snag and you throw away so that you have a chance to get a new one. Nothing makes it simpler for performance and making 5 Star the best pad in your tack room.”

How to select a saddle pad:

  • If the saddles don’t fit they can push pads out the back.
  • A saddle tree may be warped if it pushes pad out the back and to the side.
  • If you wouldn’t wear that stuff for underpants or socks why put it on the animal!
  • Synthetic pads have the highest profit margin for makers.
  • Sweat pouring off a back is like you standing on ice with tennis shoes on a hill!
  • Do you like having bandages pulled off your hairy arms? So how do you think tacky material feels to an animal?
  • Wool felt pads are easily cleaned!
  • Synthetic fleeced saddle skirting is slick and will present problems with most pads.
  • Don’t be fooled by Patent Pending in advertising.
  • Synthetic foams are not UV light resistant and break down,
  • Synthetic foams break down from heat and salts of the animal.
  • Fire or strong acids are the only thing that will harm wool.
  • All pads will contract and spread disease when not cleaned if infection exists.
  • Pinch pads with thumb and fingers.  If you can feel the other digit it likely has bad compression protection.
  • Buy for function first, then looks.
  • Don’t be fooled by gimmick terms and pictures.
  • Ask construction specifications of retailer and manufacturer.

For all of your equine tack needs, please visit today or call 720.238.2190.


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