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Barn World offers 5 Star Saddle Pads

5 Star saddle pads made from 100% wool are a two piece construction to ensure the best contour to your horse’s back as quickly as possible.  There is no breaking-in period, these saddle pads are comfortable and effective from day one.

Eliminating spinal pressure on your horse or mule is the benefit of the two piece design.  It provides a great fit for you saddle without compensating with over-cinching.  Your horse or mule will love this unique feature and you’ll notice the attention to detail as each saddle pad is handmade to order.


Types of Saddle Pads:

There are a lot of different riding disciplines out there and selecting the proper saddle pad for your type of riding is important for the best in fit and performance.

Western Contoured Saddle Pad

Made right here in the USA, these and all 5 Star saddle pads are 100% wool.  You may choose from as thin as 1/2″ to the very thick 1-1/8″ pad.  Every pad is made in all four colors and offer a choice of embroidery and standard leathers in four different colors.

western saddle pads made from wool
Western Contoured Saddle Pad

Mule Saddle Pads

Fitted for a mule, jack and donkey’s back line, these 100% wool saddle pads are made for flatter backs, withers and the thick shoulders of these animals.  They also come in all four colors, offer embroidering and your choice of four different colors of standard leathers.

saddle pad for mule
Mule Saddle Pad

Barrel Racing Saddle Pads

If high performance is at a premium, a barrel racing saddle pad is a great fit.   It will keep your horse comfortable while performing at maximum effort and won’t let your saddle slip around on you as you go.  You may specify if you’d like the corner rounded on the front, back or both to fit your personal preference.  Four different colors of standard leather, embroidery options and four colors of saddle pad are also available to you on all saddle pads.

barrel racing saddle pad with brown leather
Barrel Racing Saddle Pad

English Saddle Pads

The English saddle pads provide the greatest comfort possible for both horse and rider when riding English.  They’re available for hunter/jumpers, dressage and all purpose riding as well.

english saddle pad
English Saddle Pad

At Barn World, we have a large selection of saddle pads, cinches and breast collars.  Barn World is much more then livestock equipment!  Please visit or call (720) 238-2190 to help with all of your tack and livestock supplies.


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