Mineral Feeders: Mineral Feeders from Barn World

Barn World offers a large selection of mineral feeders and has mineral feeders for just about every need.

We offer the heaviest and most durable ground mineral feeder available.  This is a block mineral feeder.

  • Economical and effective for big cattle and even horned cattle.
  • The heaviest “Ground” Feeder available.
  • New thicker 41″ flap (3/8″) which is heavier!
  • Mineral feeder weighs 53 Lbs.
  • Mineral feeder is 15″ high and 38″ wide
  • Mineral feeder has 3 compartments that allow for 200 Lbs. of salt or mineral (loose or block)
  • Made of the highest quality of polyethelene
  • We also offer upright mineral feeders

    The upright mineral feeder has:

  • Beveled hood opening is 28” x 24” – big cattle, even horned cattle, feed easily.
  • Low center of gravity for stability.
  • Top of tub is 23” from the ground so calves can gain easy access.
  • Aerodynamic hood and wind vane aids directional control.
  • Full 360° rotation protects expensive supplements from the elements.
  • The 48” x 48” tubular base frame is constructed of 2” 16 gauge, 50,000 psi steel tubing for strength and stability.
  • Handles only liquid insecticide.
  • 74 lbs.
  • We also offer a large liquid mineral feeder.

    The liquid mineral feeder:

  • Includes 2 lick wheels and mounting brackets
  • Will not rust, rot or corrode.
  • Domed to prevent cattle from standing on top.
  • Heavy rib construction reinforces top to withstand great weights.
  • We also carry the lick feeder or lick mineral feeder:

    This mineral feeder is a 280 Gallon mineral feeder and includes 2 lick wheels and mounting brackets.

    Call (720) 238-2190 or visit BarnWorld.com today for all of your livestock equipment needs.

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