Saddle Pads: Choosing an equestrian saddle pad for your type of riding.

Barn World is proud to carry the 5 Star line of saddle pads for all of your riding needs.

When choosing a saddle pad it’s important to choose the proper saddle pad to add to your equestrian tack room.  Proper comfort and fit is essential to provide hours of pleasurable riding for both horse and rider.

Generally, you want your saddle pad thickness to guide your purchasing decision.

1/2″ Under pad is great for pleasure horses, cutting and reining.  Use these saddle pads when you want protection, but would like a colorful saddle blanket for show purposes.

3/4″ Regular Saddle Pads are a great equestrian pad for daily training and exercise and can accommodate  a blanket as well.

7/8″ Thick Pad is the best for all-around use such as barrel racing  and trail riding.  This is the most popular equine saddle pad sold.

1″ Extra Thick Saddle Pad is a real working pad for roping or longer distance riding with a lot of gear.

1-1/8″ Supreme Roper Pad is a very thick equestrian pad designed for team and calf roping performance.

Visit Barn World today and pick out what may be your most import piece of equestrian tack for your saddle!

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