Livestock Scales: Using an animal scale for managing the health of your livestock


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To effectively manage livestock health and growth, you need a high quality long-lasting scale to provide accurate weight and data to ensure a healthy animal.  There are many different live stock scales to choose from and certainly there is one for your needs.  This post will focus on the portable platform scales that provide a simple and easily movable scale for everyday use.


Platform scales

Platform scales provide a versatile means of weighing almost anything and come in low profile, light weight and heavy duty options.  The most popular are rated at capacities of 1,000 lbs. , 2,000 lbs. and 3,000 lbs.  They make great portable animals scales.

Mulit-purpose 1,000 lb capacity platform scale

PS-1000 Livestock scale

The PS-1000 all-purpose livestock scale is perfect for 4H and general use for animals that require a nice low-profile platform and portability when being weighed.  The scale has a 1,000 pound capacity and a stainless steel indicator whose digital readout creates an easy to see display. This scale also includes a 6 V rechargeable battery for use when not near a power outlet and an AC adapter to provide power to the scale or charge the battery.

The platform itself is a low 2- 1/2 inches and is made with diamond tread to provide traction and prevent falls. The end ramps make it easier for your animals to get on and off the scale with hesitating, tripping or falling.  The adjustable feet allow you to even the scale on an un-even surface for accurate weighing and at  55-1/2” by 20”, the platform is large enough to accommodate pigs, sheep,  goats and calves.

The PS-1000 arrives ready to use, just place it on a hard surface and connect the indicator to begin weighing immediately – perfect for showing animals at your next 4H function.

PS-2000 Platform Scale

 Weigh Scale and animal scale

The PS-2000 animal scale is another platform scale with a 2,000 pound capacity and a large 59″ x 30″ steel weighing area.  The rugged steel platform is made with a diamond plate surface that protects animals and yourself from accidentally slipping and falling.  To help your livestock access the platform, the scale has ramps on both ends.  A calm animal is much easier to way than a nervous or anxious one.  The platform itself is only 2 1/2 inches high and weighs only 105 pounds and has two slide-out handles to assist with portability.

There is no installation or set up to be done as this is a true plug and play scale with great potential for waiting almost anything.

The Multi-Purpose PS-3000 platform scale


Livestock scale

This platform scale has a 3,000 pound capacity and will weigh almost anything with this large steel platform.  The platform is powder coated for corrosion protection and finished with a safety tread to prevent accidental falls.  It also has a 150% overload protection feature in case you happen to weigh something more than 3,000 pounds.  At 78 -3/4 inches long and almost 40 inches wide and only 3.93 inches tall, there is plenty of room to weigh animals, freight and anything else you could roll onto the platform.

There is also an optional indicator stand that is 36 inches tall for easy viewing in remote areas.  The battery life is approximately 20 hours and there is an auto off feature to help prevent the battery from being drained when not in use.  This scale also features an average weight hold for when animals are skittish on the scale.

As with all the platform scales, there is no installation or parts assembled.  Just plug it in, set it on a hard surface and you are ready to weigh!

Scale can be used on battery power alone is what outlet is not available.  It also has a hold feature to assist getting an accurate weight even when the animal is moving.

When you need to weigh large loads or have the option to weigh large objects, this scale provides an economical means for weighing everything from livestock to bulk containers.

Whatever weighing your needs, from animals scales, livestock scales or just large, heavy duty weighing, there is a platform scale for you at Barn World.

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