Cattle Oiler from Barn World – Cattle Oilers to keep your livestock pest free


cattle oiler

Barn World cattle oilers

Protect your livestock with a cattle oiler from Barn World.  Spare your livestock – especially your pregnant cattle – and yourself the hassle of a stressful run through a chute and all the work that entails by using a cattle oiler.

A cattle oiler’s topical insecticide offers year round full strength protection.  An ear tag will wear off eventually and you’ll be forced to reapply it.  One-time applications won’t protect against the 21 day nit hatch cycle that a cattle oiler does.

Cattle oilers provide year-round protection and won’t stress your animals or yourself.

Go to and get the full strength protection of cattle oilers for your livestock.  View all of our livestock equipment and livestock supplies at Barn World or call (720) 238-2190 for more information.

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