Hay tarps protect bales year round

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Hay tarps protect your investment from harmful elements and keep your livestock hay fresh year-round.

Barn World offers the extremely durable Bull Flex hay tarp.  It keeps the value-minded hay tarp customer happy yet provides a tough 7-ounce fabric for those that demand toughness.

Hay Tarp Tie Down Kits

These hay tarps are available with strong tie-down tabs and come complete with a tie-down chuck-wagon end to keep it snug in the strongest of winds.  Barn World also offers the Super Cinch tie-down kit for extra security.  The quality of this hay tarp is much, much higher than those at the typical farm supply or livestock supply store.

very large hay tarp covering round bales of hay

When securing your haystack, the Bull Flex hay tarp has the best of both worlds.  It includes 2” high strength web loops that are spaced 3’ apart.  These webbed loops are 300% stronger than traditional grommets and will not tear out.  In addition, down both sides of the hay tarp is a pocket designed to accept pipe.  This allows the bottom sides of the feeder to be secured further with the pocket by tying it to the pipe.  You simply slide a pipe into the pocket.

hay tarp tie down kit

For the ultimate in protection, hay stack hay curtains can be added.  They’re available in a variety of sizes to protect the side of the stack and keep your livestock hay fresh for feeding.

hay stack side curtain

For everyone that relies on hay to feed their livestock, this heavy-duty tarp will protect your investment from spoilage, mold, and bacteria that can ruin a harvest.  Be sure to get a hay tarp from Barn World so you eliminate the risk of feeding spoiled hay to your livestock.  This can cause serious health problems for your animals.  Protect your investments in hay and livestock with a hay tarp today.

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