Electro-Web Electric Fence Netting

BarnWorld now offers electric fence webs and netting for poultry, goats and sheep.

Installing an electric fence is the most effective way to control livestock.

Electric fence webs are superior for smaller animals over standard electric fence wire or electric fence polytape. The animals cannot put their heads through the webbing in the way they can with a standard electric fence and are much less likely to be shocked. Electric fence netting is also excellent for keeping predators away from your livestock.

The Electro-Web electric fence netting is excellent for deterring such predators as dogs, coyotes and raccoons. They come in your choice of 33 or 42 inches tall and in white, green or orange. The 42 inch webs are tall enough for goats, horses, cows or llamas.

Our electric fence webs are 165 feet long and come as a complete kit with:

  • 14 PVC posts with 7″ spikes
  • 13 anchor ground stakes
  • 5 corner guy cords with stakes
  • Repair kit with extra material
  • Installation instructions

Additional items you will need to purchase include a fence charger and a grounding rod.

Visit http://www.BarnWorld.com for all of your electric fencing needs or call us at 720-238-2190.

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