A Hog Feeder Will Save Time & Money!

A quality feeder is not only important for providing your pigs with the nutrition they need for healthy weight gains, but it’s invaluable for minimizing labor and feed waste which all contribute to profitability!

One of the best lines of Hog feeders on the market today is made by Osborne Industries. 

a hog feeder in a field


Osborne was founded by a collection of farmers in the early 1970s who developed feeders to be efficient and save time and money.  Their designs were self-feeding, on-demand feeders that allowed pigs to access food whenever they needed it, reducing the need for manual feeding schedules. The on-demand feature almost eliminated food waste immediately.  The design translated into lower labor and bottom-line savings.

Over the years, Osborne continued to refine and improve its feeders, introducing new features and designs that further increased efficiency and durability. They developed durable pig feeders and hog feeders to cover all phases of the growth cycle. Today, they are widely recognized as one of the best feeding solutions for pigs and full-grown hogs with a reputation for quality and reliability.

Pig Feeder Benefits

The on-demand feeding design allows helps eliminate excess food waste and promotes more frequent meals throughout the day. It keeps the feed from standing in the trough where it can collect moisture and rot. The freshly dispensed food promotes more, smaller feedings, better digestion, and nutrient absorption for healthier weight gain.

How It Works: The animals learn to nudge a sweep wheel that dispenses food when moved. The wheel arm has a trough paddle on the bottom so the trough is cleaned while it travels across the bottom. It’s a self-cleaning design that helps keep food waste from building up in the bottom of the trough. The ingenious on-demand, self-cleaning design helps dramatically reduce feed waste and prevent contamination from decaying, uneaten food.

hog feeder wheel

Labor Savings

Another primary advantage is labor savings. The feeders are available in capacities of up to 105 bushels which eliminates the need for frequent refilling. When combined with the on-demand-only feed release feature, the two combined practically eliminated the standing feed that becomes ‘play waste’. This keeps the feeder full longer, which means less regular filling than a gravity-fed feeder. This saves time and money!


Another significant benefit of the Osborne Pig Feeder is its durability. All of the feeders are made with high-quality precision-cut materials that are built to withstand years of abuse. The lid, hopper section, and especially the trough are made with polyethylene material which means these areas won’t rust, ever!

The entire Osborne Feeder Line is an excellent investment for farmers looking to streamline their feeding process, reduce waste, and promote health and growth. With their efficiency, durability, and labor-saving benefits, these long-lasting feeders are designed to save you time and money year after year.

pig feeders

Visit Barn World today to view the entire lineup and add a money-saving feeder to your operation today!

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